Chaos Rules

My first introduction to the wonderful world of chaos and strange attractors took place in the early days of popular computing when the BBC model B reigned supreme in schools. In those days the 32kB RAM computer with its powerful 2MHz processor acquired a magical partner called a Teletext Adapter which could download programs from your TV aerial. One of those programs was 'Mandel' which could generate user-selected regions of the Mandelbrot Set. Younger generations accustomed to the near-instantaneous graphics of the modern PC will not understand the magic of setting your computer the task of generating a 320x256, 4-colour mode, full screen image, pixel by pixel, over a period of several hours, sometimes overnight, and looking in from time to time to see if the chosen region had yielded an interesting image.
Ampan Ampan
61-65, M
Dec 1, 2012