I Finally Mastered Polynomials

Well... I'm 16 now.. 5 years. I learned how to program so many things. I learned so much good math. I started studying Kac-Moody Algebra at 13. I started learning Geometry at 13. God was it boring. And I mastered  Calculus I last year. However.. I never learned Polynomials.. At least not Algebraic Polynomials. You know cause I could always collect similar terms but just always, the next day and stuff forgot everything else... but 3 days ago I finally remembered it!! FINALLY. Hahaha. It's so awesome how stupid I am. But yeah I can factor them I can subtract divide and multiply and add them and stuff. And I can mess around with infinite poly's and add physical constants and stuff. Yay thanks.

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Feb 14, 2010