Beside Honesty Is Maturity ..

"Honesty is the best policy" Then, I would say, "Maturity is the second best policy" In any relationships ... Feeling and Understanding what one another is going through are very important ... I can't deal with women who act like a little girl and seek for attention all the time .. Well, Life is not a bed full of red rose Petals ..


DollyDiva DollyDiva
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Well I have never dated any cougars so Im not qute sure about that but well I think its interesting but I wouldnt go for it. If I were a young good looking man then maybe ;)

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I can understand that. My purpose of writing was not to impress anyone but to free my soul and opinions. Ps. I like the pic too.

although i am not highly impressed by your statement , but the pic in display is eye candy


Very good points.

YaY ! Forever friends, Forever SexY !

I so agree life can be tho..a bed of endless Red Roses! :)<br />
Lov the pic !!!sexy.......