What Is Mature?

Maturity has little to do with age but everything to do with life experiences, intellegence, self acceptence and courage to be who you are. With these qualities a woman is grounded and doesn't have to pretend to be anything or she isn't triing to be what she think you what her to be. I want a woman of substance and a willingness to share who and what she is. I work to be a man of substance and I have a willingness to share who I am. The real me with scares, blimishes, honorabiliy, integraty and a list of mistakes I have made. Oh, and there are several things I am proud of too. It takes a lot of living and loving, pain and growth to be real, to be mature.

I Like Mature Women.

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maturity is the knowledge of realizing how much you.....don't know.<br />
then, you take the time to get to ....know what you thought you knew.<br />
howzat? <br />
that explanation was as clear as mud.

I agree. That reminds me of years ago I was told that being professional is knowing what you know and know what you don't know and not being afraid to admit either one. I think that works for maturity also. Thanks for the feedback.

Love this Sir...and as a professional it is soooo true

Thank you Gypsy.