She Saw My Erection

i was just coming out off the shower,,as i did so my mother in law was just entering the lounge,,she had her own key to enter my house as a rule i get undressed outside my bathroom so then all my clean items are in my bathroom,,on this occasion my mother in law knocked on my bathroom door and let her self in,,well at this point i was wanking myself off,,and funny enough i carried on,,cos at this point her mammoth breasts were on view to me,,she new that exposing her mammoth boobs to me,,wud keep my **** very stiff,,not long after me and her daughter split up,,and i moved in with the mother in law,,was such bliss,
oakwell oakwell
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2013

i ****** my mother in law while we were still married should read my storys about it

will do soon x

do u have any pics of ur mother in law we can trade as i have some off mine