2003 Cadillac Deville 572cid Burnout

Now, for all the gearheads and wrench jockeys who see this clip...I know you think its cool. For everyone else, I think its sweet to throw a massive fatblock into a car and just let it rip!  And for those who have never seen something like this or ever hotrodded before, regular cars do NOT burn tires like THIS:

And I found another video of the same car, and the shop it was created in. I love this clip; laughed my *** off.

From the author's comments:koolkarz1777 — November 07, 2007 — Tallant's Hot Rod Shop (www.tallantsauto.net) builds a bad boy Cadi powered by a 572 big block. Front wheel drive converted to rear wheel drive with OD Trans, 9 inch Ford Rear End, 4 link, etc... this ain't your Grandpa's Cadillac !

moth3rfck3r "Come to our shop, we'll make your **** fast"
I hope they have that slogan on their business cards. 

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Apr 26, 2010