Tamed With His Tongue

Giving and receiving oral sex is an essential part of my sex life. I absolutely love oral sex! Being penetrated by a man is an incredible feeling, but having a man go down on me is a different, but equally amazing sensation. In fact good oral is probably the best method of bringing me to ******. Fortunately it’s also my boyfriend’s speciality. He is amazing at oral sex and is not shy about showing off his talents. He claims that one of the things that turns him on the most is listening to my girly squeaks and squeals as he tames me with his tongue. If truth be told I sometimes feel a bit selfish because he spends so much time with his tongue between my legs.

One of the reasons he’s so good at oral, apart from a lot of practice, is that he’s actually got a number of books on pleasuring girls. One of his favorites and as a result one of my favorites is a book called ‘She Comes First’ which is a complete guide to giving oral pleasure to a woman. From personal experience of some of the tricks it teaches I can highly recommend it.

Have fun experimenting.


Girlyflirt Girlyflirt
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

The silky smoothness, the salty taste, and the aroma of a ***** makes giving oral the best thing in the world. When I alternate between plunging deep inside, then sucking on her ****, followed by long licks from anus down the entire gash she can have the most intense *******.<br />
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What's the spot that pushes you over the edge?

I agree with you 100%. I love oral sex best of all. If a guy can bring me to ****** several times with his toungue, I have the most earth shattering ******* with him during sex.

I would love to spend hours between your legs licking you to many an ******!

Sounds like it would be amazing to go down on you babe..;)