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Conservative Wife Bares Breasts And Gives Hand Job On Public Beach

I was pleasantly surprised one summer day when my ultra conservative wife, Jen, came home with a super sexy swim suit, just before our planned beach vacation. It was a black two piece that actually looked like a one piece as the top covered her middle. However the top was cut so low that when she tried it on it barely covered her nipples, leaving almost the entire inner half of both her breasts exposed. I immediately grew excited thinking of how by wearing this she was going to be showing other guys way more of her body than she had ever done before.

When we hit the beach a few days later I loved watching her walk up the beach, capturing everyone's attention. This was a conservative North American area where there was never anyone topless on the beach. Only one other woman was wearing a suit as revealing as my wife's.

We settled on a spot just a little past the edge of the most crowded area so we could be off to ourselves but she could still be seen by many other men. I coaxed her into the water with me and in neck deep water I slid behind her and nuzzled her neck while she put her head back and closed her eyes. I slowly spun her toward our nearest neighbors, a couple of teenage boys playing with a ball. In the clear water Jen's breasts quickly caught their attention and their game brought them slowly closer to us.

With the boys just a dozen feet away I reached around Jen and started to caress the exposed parts of her breasts. Slowly my hand wandered under the fabric of her suit where it played with her nipples, first one, then the other. As the boys got even closer I started moving Jen's suit just enough to give glimpses of her now hard nipples.

As Jen just continued to lazily drift with her back against my chest and her eyes closed, I pulled both sides of her suit to the side. Her bare breasts now exposed to the 2 boys and now also to another guy in his twenties who was also close enough to see her clearly. The hottest thing about this was that she let me do it, she let me expose her beautiful breasts to these 3 strange guys who she knew could see her through the clear water.

I told her how sexy she looked and that she should open her eyes. I watched as she opened her eyes and looked right into the eyes of the closest teenage boy whose own gaze was fixated on her breasts. Knowing he could see her, that he was lusting for her breasts, Jen made no effort to cover herself.

I'll finish this later in the comments.
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Fabulous story - and hope this was the beginning of a new sexy fun phase! Slowly am getting my wife to wear sexier bikinis. Bought her a couple bikinis which she said she could not wear as it was too small. Then got her to wear the top, and finally now both pieces. She looks great and hopefully next summer she starts out wearing them.

I just realized I never finished this. After a bit of this we went back to our blanket. I set up one of those half tents that block some of the direct sunlight. It's open at the front and the sides and back are just a see-through mesh.

As we lay on the blanket there was a couple about 20 feet off to the side. Also, many people were walking by in front of us between us and the water which was about 50 feet away.

I certainly wanted to take advantage of my wife's unusually risky mood so as she lay there I slipped the straps from her shoulders and down her arms to her elbows. I then took my suit off under a towel and put it aside, leaving the towel covering me.

I reached over to my wife's far shoulder and caressed the line from her shoulder to her neck and up to her ear. Then down her neck to her chest, onto her breast. My hand's decent to her nipple brushed her suit aside and uncovered her. I cupped her breast and suggested she move her arm tight against her side. The effect was to cause her breast to be as round and full and perfectly on display to anyone who looked our way.

Laying like that she reached for my penis under my towel and started to stroke me. As she did so I was playing with her breast nearest me. I saw a couple approaching and looking at us so I slowly tugged on my towel, gradually uncovering my penis wrapped in my wife's hand. As they watched we played with each other knowing their eyes were all over our bodies. It was so hot.

We did this for a while. Finally this lone guy walked so close to us I thought he was going to invite himself to join our party. I cupped both my wife's breasts, holding them up as if to shake them in his face and then I came. As he watched I spilled myself all over her. Thinking of this other man's eyes enjoying the sight of my wife's bare breasts was not half as much of a turn on as thinking of my sexy, confident wife willfully displaying her naked flesh to anyone who wanted to see.

Very hot. You were lucky the people enjoyed your display. Many would have called the lifeguards or police...

I bet you were more aroused than the 2 boys. Funny how that works.