She Lost A Bet

So my girlfriend lost a bet. The bet was on who would win the game between the Steelers and the Ravens. The terms of the bet were if I won she would have do whatever I tell her to do for a whole night. If she won she wanted me to bring a guy over she has been chatting with online.

I pick out for her a sexy white button up halter top, black and red pleated skirt, black pushup bra, black thong, and black thigh high stockings with a red seam up the back. To top it off a pair of red **** me heels.

We drive to a new bar about 30 minutes from the house. It was kind of a college bar. Before we walk in I undo two buttons on her top making so if she move a certain way her bra would be exposed. I tell her she one hour to get a **** in her mouth. We walk in and start chatting up the people around us. For some reason she seem to attract the nicest guys. I notice one of the kids is looking her up and down like she a piece of meat. I ask him if he would be interested in playing darts if he can find a partner.

He find a friend and we head over. The dart board was in a sort of private corner of the bar right next to the back door where all the smokers go. As we play I make her go pick up the darts making sure some of them hit the floor. Her stockings tops would show as she would bend down to pick them up. I hear on of the guys comment on how gorgeous she is. As the game goes on they by drinks for us and tell us if they win the drinks are on us and if we win the drinks are on them.

I will admit they were really good at the beginning of the game and seem to loose there rhythm by the end of the game. We give them our drink orders and they head to the bar to get the drinks. I tell her we are going to play again and this time when she get the darts of the floor to bend or kneel down so we can get a good look at her panties. I also tell her after the game to invite one of them out for a smoke and I would meet her out there soon after.

The second game starts and she is really slutting it up. She comments of how it is hard to throw with E size **** and asks the boys how they like **** on a girl. The both comment on how nice her **** are and one of them even asks to see them. She says maybe later and the game continues. Once the game is over we win again. They take or drink orders and she asks the bigger of the two guys if he wouldn’t mind joining her for a cigarette. They both exit out the back do and the other guy and I head to the bar. We talk about her and how hot she is. I tell him she is only a friend and that he should try to hookup with her. He thinks about as we head out the back door to find them making out on a picnic table. We walk up and could see the disappointment in the other guys eyes. I notice he has one up her skirt and other pulling her hair in the back. Pulling her hair is the one way the get her really turned on.

I tell her if she wants to be alone there is a perfectly good alley right next to us. She smiles at me and takes them both by the hand to the alley. I sit on the picnic table and light up a smoke and sit for about 30 seconds and then head over. When I get there she is behind a dumpster sucking both of their dicks. Taking turns one at a time to make sure neither is neglected. I keep a distance but have a good birds eye view. As she worked on both of their ***** I could see one of the guys getting ready to ***. He grabs the back of her head and lets his *** cover her face. She licks and slurps the rest of the *** off of his **** and she continues on the other ****. I can see her hard moving back and forth as she vigorously works on making him ***. The other guys grabs the back of head and starts forcing her face down on his **** making her deep throat the ****. After about 5 minutes he **** right in her mouth, she swallows the *** and stands up and heads my directions. We stand and talk for a couple minutes and then I tell her its time to get back home.

We head back to the car and but we do not get in. I tell her to head into a different bar and pick out a guy and bring him back out the car. I tell her she is going to **** him in the back seat while I drive around town. She smiles and walks off to the bar. About 30 minutes later she comes out with a nice looking guy. She is falling all over him as they walk out. She introduces me to Rick. Rick is a nice looking black guy. Clean cut nice build she tells him that they are going to go for a ride. Without hesitation they both hop in the back of the Range and we start heading out of the parking lot. They start making out and he slowly starts to unbutton her top. Her huge **** were already pouring out the top waiting to be set free. She reached down and undoes his pants to release his huge ****. She strokes his **** while kissing him. I ask him if he lives local. He stops fondling her **** long enough to say yes. I ask him if he has a friend that would be down to party a little bit. He instructs her to suck his **** and he starts making phone calls. On the 3rd try he get a friend that is home.

We drive by the house and pick up the friend. He jumps in the front seat and has two blunts. My girlfriend is sitting in the back seat with not top on and he skirt around her hips. We smoke the two blunts and I tell him to join them in the back seat.

I had the two condoms to the back and they both start working on her right away. As she is sucking on Ricks **** his friend starts to lick her *******. As he is fingering he ***** I can her muffled moans as she is about to ***. He starts finger banging her harder with 3 or 4 fingers until she squirts on his hand. We are now headed south on the 88 freeway She turns around to allow rick to **** her from behind while she sucks on his friends ****. He is ******* her so hard I can see her *** bouncing up and down in the back seat. She screams out for him to go harder. He is ******* her so hard the car is starting to rock as im driving down the road. He pulls out of ***** pulls to condoms off and blows a huge load on her back. It looked like a sprinkler going off in the mirror.

His friend motions for her to climb on his ****. As she is riding his **** Rick starts to finger her *******. Working her ***** and ******* she beings to ***. I hear her *** hard and can see his face as to how slippery she has gotten. He lifts her off his **** and positions her to **** her *******. He starts bouncing on his **** screaming at the size. Rick is sitting in the back seat watching her and telling how much of a **** she is. He asks her is she like that **** in her ***.

She crys out how good it feels. Bouncing harder and harder to get deeper. She makes him *** in her ***. She stays on his lap for a while trying to recover from being ****** so hard. Both guys are in back commenting on how good she is.

I drop them off at a bus stop and tell them to have a good night. I tell her to get in the front seat and suck my ****. I love to watch her suck my **** in the front seat. I pull her skirt up to flash the trucks as we drive by.
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Awesome story, soooo hot! Did you take her home and *** her? i would have blown a load before she was even done with them and had her make me hard again on the way home. Please add me and let me tribute her pics.