Watching The Wife In Bars

 I love to take my wife to bars and watch men try to pick her up. She'll usually wear a short skirt, a blouse that revels her **** and, of course, her anklet. It's very hot to see her wear it and wonder if any single guys know the meaning. She likes to dance seductively on the dance floor which usually gets the guys' attention in the bar. Eventually, some lucky fella will join her. She's not shy about grinding against them and making their ***** hard. They get so worked up they don't care whether she's married or that I'm in the bar. I love to see their hands wander up her skirt to her shaved *****. Sometimes she'll take them back to the car for a blow job. If she really likes them, she'll have sex with them. It's all very hot to watch. 

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Fabulous. Only on very rare occasions have I seen that though know it happens much more often.

my kind of wife

Love dressing my wife in high heels short skirt no panties and taking her to the bar to shoot pool

Love dressing my wife in high heels short skirt no panties and taking her to the bar to shoot pool

Man I have to say . I love the same thing. It's so hot when she leans way over the table to take a shot and her bare ***** shows

I think an ankle bracelet is supposed to mean that the wife is looking for some different ****.

Hot...wish my wife would..

I didn't know there were people who attached meaning to a woman wearing an anklet. I always just thought they looked sexy on a woman. After learning this I am definitely getting the wife one and encouraging her to wear it on her right ankle when we go out. And of course I will have to make it a point to go somewhere where guys may be looking for a hot wife to ****.

I remember once we went out on the town , I had a huge day at work and after dinner we went dancing in this classy lounge bar , dark a nice music , I made myself comfortable on in a leather chair my wife wanted to dance and i told her I was just to tired and not into it , though I wanted her to stay out and she could have some fun , she started to dance slowly next to me , she very hot in a little dress and it did nt take long before guy came over and started to dance with her , I fell a sleep and she had drinks with him and danced for sometime, she told me later that she made the first move and kissed him and had been sitting on the stool chatting with her legs apart so he had full view of her shaved *****.<br />
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My wife to has pearl anklet

Ohyes, he messed with her on teh dance floor. At first shewas resisting, but then he totally stopped, said something to her, and she became compliant.<br />
<br />
When they returned from the dance floor, he took a booth next to the bar and guided her into it. At one point, he just leaned over and kissed her. He was unhappy with her lack ofenthusiasm and directed her to open her mouth when he kissed her. He kissed her and she did as she was told. I could only sit at the bar and watch. <br />
Shortly after that, with a bit of fondiling, he exited teh boothwith my wife, came up to me and told me to give him my room key (which I am embarrassed to admit I did), and led her off. I followed and was reqarded with the sight of him taking my wife completely.

Very hot! Did he mess with her on the dance floor? Did it go any further?<br />
There's something very exciting about another man taking control of my wife. Especially when my wife gives in to his advances. Knowing I don't have any control of the situation and can only watch as he takes her. Makes me hard thinking about it.

It is so hot to see a normally independent wife become submissive to another man, letting him kiss and fondle her, and she responds in kind.

We have had great luck in hotel bars. Love it when a man comes onto my wife in front of me. One early experience I found it deeply exciting when I had left my wife at a hotel bar and came back to find her talking to another, older, unattractive man. When I went up to them he told me to buzz off and find my own. I told him I was her husband. He said I shouldn't leave my wife alone at the bar. It might give people the wrong impression .. or the right one. <br />
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In any event he said he had bought her some drinks and he was entitled to more of her time. With that he led her to the dance floor. It was a thrilling humiliation and as the evening went on there was more. He did take my wife from me that night and found it very erotic.

my ex and i had some of our best turn-ons in bars. one time, a big black guy named bo, decided, he wanted to finger **** her on the dance floor. the floor was raised about 18", i was at eye level with her ***, and watch the whole seen! it was really hot! too bad the song ended before she came.

My wife wears one, but no one has picked her up because of it. They're usually staring at her **** and never make it down to the ankle. lol<br />
I do think it's a sign of a hotwife, but most guys don't know about it. Of course, if it was common knowledge, then most wives wouldn't wear one.

Many men who frequent bars love to pick up married women. It gives the guy an extra thrill to know he is taking another man's wife.

You never know. Many men find it a huge turn on, but are afraid to bring it up to their wife. Of course, it doesn't always have to be about sex. Simply flirting and dancing with another man can be a huge turn on.

I have dressed very slutty before when my husband and I were out of town. It is a real turn on to have some many men desire me. But, I don't think my husband is open enough to allow me to actually have sex with anyone else.

Very fun story! I love having a drink in the bar knowing my wife is messing around with some guy in the parking lot. Very hot!

That's wonderful, I thought I was the only man who liked to do this. Once when she was picked up by a guy in a bar, they went out to the car to do it. Another group of four people can in from the parking lot laughing because they'd seen a couple in a car who were obviouly doing it, and I laughed right along with them. They said all you could see was a pair of red shoes sticking straight up. <br />
<br />
Then my wife and the guy came back and they saw she had red shoes on and when I introduced them to her they were very embarrassed.

Some believe that a married woman who wears an anklet is letting other men know she's a hotwife... a woman who has sex with other men with her husband's knowledge and permission.

Gotta love it, she sounds like a ball of fun!

In India anklets with bells are generally used to frighten snakes ... Today, the ankle bracelet is just another piece of jewelry because it makes her feel pretty. In the swinging world a woman would highlight that she's an open and available woman to the other sex. Mostly the right feet, where my wife wear her ankles too ...

What does an anklet mean??<br />
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Please send me a message.<br />
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