Stranger Pick-up

i love the thought of strangers picking my g/friend up in pubs and following them to remote locations where she either sucks the guys ****, or he ***** her arse, i'm close by with my camera, for her safety and some brilliant shots as he creams in her moth of over her ****...the licky bich i would willingly swap roles, i want a mouthful of mans, amber love juice too, she tastes nice when we kiss later that evebing

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Had a girlfriend who wanted to be really wild - loved to do a bump or two to get her horned up! Anyway we were in Mexico, in a fun bar / night club and she spotted a guy that she thought looked her type, he was with his friends.

She went to the bar and ordered a drink and caught this guys attention.

They started talking and were laughing a joking and touching each other pretty quickly - and his friends relaized he was in, so they started to engage me in conversation - while their fried scored on Emma! LOL!

Anyway - she had got his cell number, and we were in a private condo not so far away - and I think he was stying close by.

When we got back, I asked her if she wanted to **** him,, and she said she was really hot, and horned and wanted to **** this guy!

So she texted him, he came over and while I was in the bedroom watching in the dark - she kissed him, undressed him, them started to stroke then suck his ****, then he ****** her and came really quick - all the excitement I guess.

he shot over her ****.

Anyway she said he better leave as I was coming back soon - just gone to get some beer.

he left, then I ****** her and shot all over her face!

I would love to have my wife picked up at a bar by a black man. She needs to be pleased more then i can give her.

White women, never have any problems being picked up by black guys, take her to a black bar, she will love it.

I also would love for this to happen to my wife

There is nothing more exciting in the world than watching a stranger picking your wife up knowing he is going to give her a real good *******.<br />
I have had the pleasure many times of watching other men picking my wife up I have also set my wife up with most of my coworkers

Coworkers are great, once one has used her, he talks and the others know she is available.

As you can see from my posts I am bias as I only date non white guys now. For me black guys take what and how they want filling all my holes, yes I have found them better endowed and yes I am regulary passed around, and yes some; well a lotof them do actually enjoy humiliating me in various forms. My friends are other white women who date exclusively date black guys, yes we do talk and most of our experiences are similar. Would I stop dating black guys? Never is a drug to me and my friends.

Is it true ladies that black guys are well better endowed, or just know better how to use it, or which hole to push it in?

Many years ago in Cyprus I got picked up in a bar by a couple of Brit Squadies, stupidly I went back to their flat. Their so called flat was a barn miles from anywhere, ok so two guys no problem but then 10 others arrived to **** me, I said "No Go"and was given the worst beating I have ever had. I took them all everywhere. Eventually I was let go and was driven to my hotel. I have never been with an Brit ever since. Still get picked up but now I only date black guys

you know very well that when your wife or girlfriend has had a good ******* by a stranger, that the very same night, when you eventually get to bed, and she lovingly tells you how brilliant it was to have a strangers' **** in her mouth, ***** and arse, that the sex between you will be so much more intense...try it and see mmmmm :-)

sounds a very sexy predicament, i'd love to try at least once what you want too