I met my wife in 1970, she was almost 16 , I was almost 18. She wore short skirts and dresses as was the fashion then and after dating for an year or so I realised what older men were doing when they stared and smiled at her...I was so naive in those days...and I thought they were ogling her and wanted to taste and touch her sex. A few months later in a nightclub we bumped into a workmate (an apprentice with me) and she told me she fancied him. I thought for a while and realised that the idea of her letting a man feel inside her knickers excited me. I encouraged her to date him but she refused. At this time I was involved in a pop band and during a gig she had her **** groped; I'm afraid instead of being angry I was hugely aroused and had an amazing shag later as she told me about the incident. Many years fast forward and after she finally relented after being seduced at work by a male customer and had a 3 year affair with him we were having a drink at a local hotel. There was a man sat at the next table to us and as we got up to leave he asked if I was in a band years ago with, (I wont mention names) I said yes and he offered to buy us a drink. We chatted for a while and he told her he and a mate had watched her get into my car on a few occasions and enjoyed watching her skirt rise and flash her knickers unknown to her! He said he very much had wanted to ask her out but he had just got married as he'd made his girl pregnant. He said her name and I once lived a few doors from her! Now whether it was the extra wine I don't know but she told him that we had an open marriage and she had a lover and had also had seen another man for sex; she showed him naked pictures of her lover's ****! Well he asked me if I was OK with her seeing other men and she replied "**** it turns him on!" I couldn't deny it. He asked if I'd mind if he took her out for a drink sometime and she said "Of course it is, I don't need to ask him" He realised a teenage dream 3 1/2 years ago as it didn't take him long after that chance meeting to get into her knickers. They meet when I work nights, sometimes they get away for the day while I'm working but the best is that sometimes he travels with his work and she accompanies him. It's amazing to get a picture of them at it or a cream pie. So it's amazing where a sneaky peek up a young girl's skirt may lead eventually. It took over 30 years of begging her to try different ***** and once she relented after that seduction she is truly converted. She loves ****, she flirts outrageously and is so confident with men, it doesn't matter if she's alone or with me she knows I'm a cuckold and I love her for accepting this lifestyle
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To get in a married woman's nickers is such a turn on much better than a single woman.