Leaving Panties For Husbands Friends To Enjoy

I have left a pair of my satin panties in the bathroom when I know that my husbands friends will be over. I am sure they get lots of use as they are never in the same spot I put them in. My husband knows I do this and it turns both of us on. It makes me so wet to know that his friends enjoy my panties, and that they wish they could have the real thing that rests against the crotch of those panties all day. Me and my husband just smile when one of his friends says he has to use the bathroom we know that they cannot resist a freshly worn pair of panties staring them in the face as they use the bathroom. We enjoy wondering what he is doing with my panties, is he sniffing them, licking them, wrapping them around his hardon, how fast and hard does he *** sniffing my panties or wrapping them around his hardon. I get so wet thinking about this as his friends using the bathroom. After his friend or friends leave we always check out the bathroom and as mentioned before the panties are never in the same spot. We have such great sex after his friends have pleasured themselves with my panties, the panties I am wearing at the time get so wet, my husband loves how wet my panties get and he loves to stick his nose into the crotch of my panties and press them into my ***** lips, I love the feeling of satin panties pressing into my ***** lips. Next its time for him to side my panties to the side and slip inside me and cover himself with my inner juices, he loves how wet I get his ****. Check out our profile for more about us.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

I love to find undies like that. My GF does that every day and doesn't think about it. We have a guy roommate and guests all the time and her fresh panties are right there to be examined.

I have done all of the above when I was younger. Most of my female relatives and friends Mothers and sisters put their undergraments and sleep wear in a hamper in the bathroom. I after being initiated y my cousin Lucille sniffed licked and rub away at them every chance I got.