I Love Men Wanking Over My Pics

I love men wanking over my pics, knowing they are imagining what they would do me while looking at me, seeing my *****, *** and tities. I started my blog 6 months back now http://mydailypantys.blogspot.com I started just posting a pic or 2 of me each day in my pantys. It soon grew to me showing my ***** and bum with more pics daily and then some vidoes of me playing and even peeing my pantys. My e-mail addy is on the blog and I love it when men send me pics they have printed of me with there *** all over them. So please join my group visit my blog just look at older posts at the bottom of each page, recent posts of the archive, there are 90 pages of me now , would love to hear what you think and maybe some of you will *** on my pics xxx

NaughtyNatalie NaughtyNatalie
31-35, F
42 Responses Jan 31, 2010

I'd love to **** to you

I will try to go to your blog, but first add me here

add me?

add me rickg4241@gmail.com

Add me @ jokersixer3@gmail.com would love to take care of that for you

add me as a friend so i can c.u.m all over your pics

Hi NaughtyNatalie, would love to look at your website but need an invite. Did you used to have an interactive website where you could click on your clothes and they'd disappear

How does one get invited to check out your blog?

add me please

I would love to see your blog, please add me

Would love to see your blog. Please add me.

Sorry invite me

Please incite me to your blog will love to se all those treasures

oh yes... i love doing tributes. and especially thinking that the results will in fact turn you on as well... please add me. would love to do a tribute especially for you...

I'd love to **** over your pics. What if you were to watch me while I do it? Think you'd enjoy that, seeing me all nice and hard and excited over you? I seeing "the moment" when I splash your pretty face all over? That'd be hot. Add each other? I'm going to check out your blog.

invite me allenjubs@gmail.com

please send an invite ;)

i too love having men *** over my naked pics

please add

NaughtyNatalie - Damn'it Love the VIEW!! Would love to see more please add TKS. Would most likely be one of those who would need to ***...

Add me plz babe and I will check out yr blog and send you pics of me wanking....

Would love to **** over your PICS. Are you willing to watch me do it. Just thinking live video feed of me enjoying your PICS might be something you like :)

I would love to *** over your pics. Please add me as your friend. Looking forward to seeing you.

I love playing with the kitty while a women has on her panties and getting her so wet I can feel her love jucies soaking through...then pushing my **** head aganist her panties just until it barley goes inside her and shoot my load into her through her panties!!!! Such a turn on !!! :-)

i'm wanking over your camel toe pic right now...

MMmmm, I think I'll jerk off for you!

Been wanking over pics all day so let me in and i will see what i can do

Now that I can see your pics... I was jacking off as I saw each one this morning. You are very sexy. thnaks for sharing!

Awesome body :) Very sexy.

im sure u know id like to **** over ur pics... so add me... but also, the pee on my lap thing sounds kinda cool...im pretty much open to anything.. ADD ME lol

Would love to see your pics. Please add me

I could definitely get off to those pics.


am rubbing my **** to your profile.. very hot

I intend to do a lot of wanking over your pics tonight.

I love to have woman watch me on my webcam as I pull on my pud and let them watch me as I blow my load for them .Look me up if you would like I would love to show you my ****

You have a VERY ENLIGHTENED VIEW POINT. If I jack off to you, it means you turn me on. It means I think you are attractive. I grew up in an environmemt where jacking off was a sin and If I were caught jacking off to a picture of my mom or sisters female friends, I would have been shot. But I would have been paying them a compliment. I hope someday our society reaches a point where a man can ask for a woman photo with her knowledge that a guy like me would use it to jack off to her.<br />
I would hope that that woman would be thrilled. I would like to hear a woman view point to my opinion.

WOW is all I can say, I have spent the good part of my morning looking at your blog and must say that I am completely stiff and wishing I could *** all over so many of those pictures. Subscribed to your blog and looking forward to seeing many many more pics. Thank you for sharing and I will be emailing you something soon!

I 'm wanking right now looking at at your picture.Do the same!

I 'm wanking right now looking at at your picture.Do the same!

Oh yes, sweet Natalie ...I could try not to *** on your pics, on your panties, on your incredibly beautiful body...but I wouldnt succeed. You are a stroke-dream *** true! ;) May you have as many tributes as you deserve ...unfortunately there are not enough men on this planet to show you the full gratitude you deserve. ..but Ill help you on the way, though! ;)

Your photo albums have got to be the nr one post on EP! Ya hit every males fantasy by your various poses. Tks for your efforts. bill in va.