From the Past

I am single now but in the past I was with a really beautiful man... I don't want to say his name so in place of his real name I'll call him Jason.  He was very passionate, and deep and very sexy.  We had such a chemistry and I remember one evening when he really opened up to me about his life and it was such a beautiful moment for us.   He and I were sitting on the sofa listening to Dirty Dancing songs, and there was soft lighting and we had some wine.  He was talking about how he felt about me, and I was really surprised and flattered about how deep it went for him.  At first I just listened and let him hold my hand and everything.  Me and Jason, we did a lot together, we laughed and loved and we had the same love of music and life and everything, it was like meeting a soulmate.  He was talking about all this and he got so emotional, saying he'd never felt loved like this before and I could tell he was sincere.  Well he put his arm around me and I was snuggling up to him and feeling his chest rise and fall softly, and he was gently stroking my hair, and I felt his chest wretching.  I looked up to see him in tears and at first I thought something was wrong, but he assured me he was just emotional because of the moment and only had a fear of losing me.. which I thought was lovely of him to say...

I hugged him and assured him I had no intention of leaving and I really didn't.  I wiped a single tear from his cheek and told him how much I loved him too.  I really miss him and I never thought we'd ever break up.  A complicated story and a complicated man...

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2 Responses Aug 31, 2009

The part that makes this so unlikely about guys is that its hard to find somebody who they will let in that far, but thats not saying I believe all guys are capable of crying because I wonder about some.

Sorry it didn't work out but you sure have wonderful touching moments to remember. I'll take a man that's in touch with is feelings over the other option anyday. I hope that when you are ready you will find another beuttiful soul to connect with.