Feminize Him!

Am I the only lady around here who's discovered the eroticism of dressing your guy up in an all-in-one girdle or longline bra & panty girdle, with pantyhose after shaving his body (head too, if possible). When home alone together, I won't even speak to a partner if he's not dressed properly. From my experience, even the most unlikely man will learn to submit to this discipline when he feels he can trust you. When dressed, most guys I've had improve their performance 150%. Love me, love my lingerie!
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14 Responses Oct 22, 2010

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I love your lingerie, but I love you cause the way you are

I love being a man on the outside and a sissy ***** at home. And wearing panties and pantyhose under my man clothes.

I would love to have a girl like you any day of the week. I love the feeling of being feminine and when my freinds( bi or lesbian)feel my curvy body it makes me feel soo happy. I wish though i could find someone to let me dress up for them and me. well anyways thanx for posting this gives guys/girls like me hope for tomorrow.<br />
sincerely,<br />

You are a wonderful woman! Love your attitude!!

i am finilay glad to meet a woman who wants her man to dress up in girls underwear, i have had 2 women do this to me, and the sex was 200 times better , it is such a turn on to feel the pantys ect on my body, i do have a thing for girls clothes which started when i was young, [ see my story] after a neighbor lady made me dress up for a weekend after she caught me feeling her pantys on the clothes line, hope you reply, even better if you add me,

Where do I find someone like you near St. Louis Sarah? I enjoyed being femmed by my ex long ago; but she waited to late to tell me the whole story. I will NOT shave my head though. Been there done that. Have to keep a little. Never been girdled either.

I could be very happy wearing what you directed me to and serving you any way shape or form you desired!

Tell that to ALL my (ex) partners !

You're not the only woman who does that, LOL.<br />
My husband is always dressed as a woman at home, and has no hair either. Even the little bird is hairless.

Great post Sirak. My kind of woman. I love being corseted as well. All power to you.

Oh Yes! I remember my first time walking into a Lingerie Salon and timidly answering the question "May I help you?" with my request to be fitted for one her all in ones. At once she had me sized up an selected a heavy control garment for me to try on. One I was all closed up she had me turn around and model my new curves. To my delight she said "Wow!, you look fantastic, I have been fitting these for years and I cannot recall one having such an effect on someone, It really accentuates your curves, you have quite a body do you dress as a woman full time?" To which I replied "If only I could" to which she said "Why not you've got the body for it?"

never thought about getting my hair cut off? that's a new fetish on me.<br />
<br />
yes i have, love having help getting dressed.<br />
<br />
no heels for you?

Sounds like you are reading my mind. Some of the best sex I've ever had was dressed in la<x>yers of girdles, all-in-ones, bras and pantyhose and stockings. Of course I was also wearing 5 inch heels that were bought for me too. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up the next morning still dressed up and wearing my heels.