Gender Bending

There's just something about any Man who can wear makeup and wear it proudly that is extremely sexy! I've always found Gender Bending in all its forms to be HOT 

Funny thing is personaly I hate wearing makeup and I know us girls are suppose to wear it or something if you believe all the media and stuff. But yeah for me I'm only buying eyeliner if I can put it on a boy... Yeah I'm crazy like that

*I know not much of a story but it's still mine to share*
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I've just started wearing make up. I was nervous at first to ask sales people about it, But most are extremely helpful and happy to help me with colors and application techniques. I have gone out in public several times now wearing full make up and men never notice,but women sometimes do. I love going to make up counters in department stores and having them try new things on me. I've never worn too much around close friends and family, but I go out for beers and to watch sports in full makeup.

Funnilly enough, I think women sometimes look better without makeup. Women can feel pressured to wear it. For a guy, it is quite the opposite- so has more appeal!!!

I wear makeup daily. More some days than others. I often try to copy differant looks I see my gal pals are wearing. Today I think I'll copy my friend and morning confidant "Trace". I have to skip the eyeliner. I never get it right :-( but I love her shadows, lashes and brows ;-D<br />
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I wear makeup every day and won't leave home without it. Since I've started wearing makeup I get more flirtations from women, young and old, than I'd gotten in my whole lifetime before makeup.

Love your attitude!! Hope you write more.

My once made my nails and put some make up on my eyes, I liked it.<br />
Several year later I'm now often visit makeup stores and have my make up done, I have also taken courses in how to apply make up and do it everyday

And I can think of nothing more fun than playing with make-up on my face!