But, But... I Like Makeup Too!

So I'm 20 yo male. I like wearing makeup. Well, eye makeup more specifically. It started when one of my girlfriends wanted to see what I'd look like with lipstick and was extremely turned on that I would let her. "You look like such a cute girl, with your long black hair and all" she said. From then on it grew. The truth is I like how mascara makes my eyes stand out, I notice a big difference. I guess I'm just lucky people can't tell most of the time (maybe they think I look feminine anyway...), or maybe they just don't say anything.Today I was getting reading to leave my place and as I looked at myself in the mirror I thought : "Well just a little...". I went for a change and applied a little eyeliner instead. Here it is a man who likes to wear makeup and be dolled up by girls, I fully embrace the feminity but I'm straight. Babyface doesn't help, I get mistaken for a girl sometimes and daily at work. I think I will steal my future girlfriend's mascara when she's asleep, she'll have to share with me but ssshhhh...it's just between you and me ;)
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Eye make up is important to show yours eyes and enhance your personnality. It could be a basic for make up

;) Totally agree boys with makeup look so sexy, and more if they have esthetic beauty qualities in their faces like you.

Just find a girl that doesn't mind, my girlfriend and I share makeup, nailpolish, clothes, it's great.

it turns me on so much but never know how to tell my girl friends i just hint at them about make up!

You can have my mascara <3 it looks better on boys anyways

Thanks, I'd like that &lt;3

I bet you look really cute with make-up on. While having a feminine 'babyface' may be annoying now, later in life you will find that you will still be looking much younger than the calendar claims. And that is not a bad thing.<br />
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Something to keep in mind... it's not a good idea to share cosmetics with girlfriends, especially liquid eyeliner and mascara. The bacteria present on one person's eyes may not bother them, but could cause serious problems for the other person. Also, mascara and eyeliner should be replaced every 4 to 6 months, just to be safe.<br />
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Keep looking your best and enjoying life.

Thank you SandyBG! It's really nice to receive such positive and helpful feedback, I appreciate it. I didn't know that about the mascara, I will keep that in mind and change as you recommend every 4-6 months. Makeup is not new to me but I really got into it about 3 months ago. Maybe I should write a story about that? Huumm..... Thanks again.