Shopping & Subtle Or Ott

I was just wondering where you guys buy your cosmetics. Years ago I used to go in stores to buy it, but this could be embaressing.
Nowadays I buy online, and find this works out great. It also gives me time to research each product.
Also, do you tend to make up subtle or OTT?
I tend to go subtle- largely wearing tinted moisturiser and a bit of blush, minimal mascara., I tend not to wear anything too obvious when going out.
Also, what is your favourite cosmetic product?
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I wear makeup all the time, even when going out as a man...going any store is no problem...Rite Aid is great because if you don't like the color of your lipstick, you can just return it with the receipt. I love Nutragena foundation, a L'oreal lipstick is by far the best. You can get great deals on lipstick on ebay. I've got 6 tubes of my favorite lipstick coming this week.

I like Sephora, The sales people are friendly and knowledgeable, I can try the products there so I don't make mistakes. I wear tinted moisturizer, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick, in a subtle manner. I go shopping or drinking and people rarely notice.

Fabulous sweetie
I buy in stores and go to the sales ladies to get the right products for my skin tone