Been Wearing Makeup For Years

I used to live as a woman, after high school graduation until I turned 26. But when I stopped living as a woman, I kept wearing makeup. I was then and still am, a very androgynous effeminate man. Once or twice a year, my wife and I get our makeup done at the salon we usually go to. If you wear makeup, you might as well go all the way.

My wife got me permanent makeup for a birthday present 3 years ago. I was unsure about it, but she seemed so supportive, I didn't want to not get it done. After it was done, I loved it, especially the time saving in the morning. But I tell you, that first look in the mirror, at eyeliner that you know won't ever wash off, it is quite a nice feeling. I'm going to get it redone this summer with more of a bolder look.

The woman who waxes my eyebrows said that she has a lot of guys come in with makeup on and sees it as a trend. They don't always have the bold eyeshadow I like to wear, but the foundation, powder, blush and lipstick are common. She always recommends to them to try eyeliner.
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Your a Transvestite whether you still cross dress or not maybe that's why you wear make-up? still.Listen you don't JUST give up cross dressing it just don't happen dude!

=) Your wife is awesome!! this is so cool!!