I especially enjoy tattoos that have a story or meaning behind them.

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I wish I had a pic of this guy with a tat that I'm obsessed with. He's got that tat on his neck, but he's so sweet. I think he's a secret good guy, but plays a bad, bad boy. Yes, tats and muscles. Oh, what a combo!

That would great.


Oh.. Muscles. Not to much muscles. Just the right amount of muscles.

MMMM I don't care if they have tats or not, but tats do fascinate me. So do muscles lol.

Men with tats. <br />
<br />
Not so much tats.

Exactly, there used to be a young man here that had some great tats. I was fascinated by them and I always wondered if he was a secret bad boy because he was ohhhh so nice to me here but the tats were just like so evil and all.

Fungirl, I'm with you. I love tats on men, but not on me. A man with a tat instantly fascinates me. I want to see it, I want to touch it. Don't know--is it the possibility that he's a bad boy?

Cool PT.. I am not into them on me but I like them on guys and I can't wait to hear the story.<br />
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Cham, What is your tattoo?

FG i'm not really into tatoos, but i do have a story about the one i have. it's a ribbon with a girls name inside the ribbon.<br />
<br />
one of this days i will tell you how i got it.

I f*cking love your cross. I first got my fascination with tattoos because of your tattoo.

How does my tattoo rate???