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I personally prefer to wear boxer shorts, I do enjoy looking at other men in briefs, bikinis and thongs
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

And my preference on boxer shorts are full cut and yoke front.

I think ther phyisical shape of the men might have something to do with whether or not I want to look at men in briefs, I still would be turned on more if they were in boxers.Sometimes just the hint of boxers at the waistband or the outline under trousers can be exciting

Oh yes I agree. I too get so excited when I see a hint of a boxer waist band peeking over a trouser. I also like to look at a man who is wearing thin or microfiber trousers and look at his thigh and see if I see the outline of the hem of a boxer short leg. I also feel a man must be under 25 very slim and dark complected to wear a tight brief, bikini or thong. And even then I would be even more turned on if he ewere wearing a pair of tapered boxer shorts.

I agree totally. Guys in boxers is a total turn on for me. I love going into the restroom at work and seeing what guys wear when they have their trousers dropped to the floor in the stalls. I find that few people (unless they have a great body/butt) look good in anything other than boxers. I've always had a thing for guys in boxers, but remember several guys over those years that really got me when they had briefs on, but is was because of how they filled them. A couple from high school especially linger in my mind.

I am personally hooked on the UNDER ARMOUR brand of boxer briefs, they have a VERY LARGE POUCH in front, made of a very nice feeling micro fiber mesh, in all colors. I used to steal my roomies undies when I lived with 4 other guys all college age several years ago, and I would wear them over my head and sniff..**** til no tomorrow! Then I would sneak back in to their rooms and I would replace them where I found them..I also wanked many times on each of their beds when they were not home.. oh how I loved it soooo much!!!:))))