Me N My E63

" The performance version of the E-Class, the E63 AMG is the first sedan built entirely by AMG. With a 518 hp (386 kW) engine, the E63 can achieve a top speed of around 200 mph (320 km/h) (electronic limiter off), and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.3 seconds "

You have to be as brave as a lion to step into the den of beasts, you have to have a heart of pure titanium to sit in the melting pot of fury and your'e blood has to be as cold as ice to withstand the intensity of this vechile.
Long gone are the days where men could brag about driving something that was undrive-able because when the people of Bugatti came along, everything changed it's sort of like when Lil Wayne started holding that styrofoam cup of his.
These days it's easy to see why people are shying away from the big, bulky V8 engines to more ' eco-friendly' motors, the demand has decreased with the testosterone that used to be produced at the race track.
Sure it's fun to wiz around in a small, paper weight car but where is the adrenaline where is the sweat of making it alive to the other side the thrill of owning an animal that has to be tied down and fed with a stick, clearly it has deteriorated with the hair that used to be.

Before I knew the difference between left and right I already told myslelf that a muscle car is for me, without a doubt. I looked on to the Americans with their Mustangs, Chevrolets, and air scoops petruding from the hood with awe until puberty. My life was in anguish, I felt a deep sense of fear of the unknown similar to what they try to teach us at church every sunday but just like the pastor told me in that cold confession room ' you need to learn ' and so stood up and left that building in the words of Elvis.
It was not long before bhp, torque, bar and all the technical mumbo jumbo made sense, I was greased up carrying tools to and fro - ebb and flow - from mechanic to mechanic as they tampering with broken vechiles, ohh how I loved the sound of an old car come to life again, and on that day I found another way to induce and ******, late night television was now a thing of the past.
Like any addict would tell you ( not that I know ) you can only achieve a certain high with that particulat substance until you had to step it up to feel that buzz again I had to look for other shops to work in, or I had to start driving these machines myself to get a taste of the action. That never happened because for 13 year old Wintersunshine my balls were as dry as dust. I had to resort to my imagination to hold on to that dream that one day I will be behind the wheel of the most exquisite saloon in the world.
Being hard headed has it's perks especially when your'e country was once oppressed by the Brits, so I started looking into what the Germans were doing. They engineered some of the most notorious street racing cars to date, the most recognizable grill in motoring history, a badge that today still stings with the hardships of a country that transitioned from 'gemeinschaft ( close knit communities ) to gesellschaft ( an impersonal society )
The E63 was born and with it came raw power, authority and precise engineering that no other company can compare with, just like rapper Psy Gangman style, came German style.
To experience the full force of the E63’s new engine, you need to call up Sport Plus. Do so and you discover the reworked gearbox picks off gears with greater speed and precision than before thanks to improvements in the mechanical clutch and changes to the speedshift software package controlling it, at pretty much any gear there is vast thrust.
This car can outslide, outrun and out power just about any muscle car on the planet let alone the known universe with all it's vastness. I swear if an alien had to come to earth and pick a muscle car he's be confused as to why anybody would look to the west for answers.
Sure the speed is limited to 155mph but seriously with all the regulations in most countries those in the market looking for a rapid saloon should most definetly consider this road eater. It's not cheap, of course, but 500-odd-bhp supersaloons rarely are.

Before I conclude lemme drop a couple bars real quick...

'' ugh, yea look - the e63 thats moving down the block, engine so loud make a M5 stop, don't touch the pedal when you see it in yo lane it'll come quick put a hole in yo brain, n it can't be contained like a virus on the loose
2nd gear growl make the forest come loose, 3rd gear now make a moose act up, it's a F'in bear when the rain dries up, smoke puffing when the tyres run wild, put it in a cage, leonidas as a child. never compare when the cops come near, see the red light means yo gut full of fear, pump the clutch once like a shotgun do, that'll be the sound when my car comes thru, who the 'f are you, sitting in a Jag, make you wish that silly car is sumtin you neva had
like godspeed im light years away better switch yo car for flight one day
me n my 63' like white on rice, never mind that it's me n my homie for life.
come round here man a trap get yo life, landmines ready like they practiced all night, car smelling like fresh leather all year round - pop a bottle any season i'm wintersunshine now. wow ''


WinterSunShine WinterSunShine
18-21, M
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Nice! However of all of them I like S-class most, S63, S65