The Price To Pay To Meet A Real Mermaid!

I am African, and where I come from, we are a very superstitious lot. Mermaids, in my culture are spiritual and powerful beings who drink eat and drink human blood... kinda like Pirates of the Caribbean 4 mermaids, but with powers of a Djinni.

I have been obsessed by mermaid every since I could remember. I didn't believe they were spiritual, blood drinking things. I just thought of them as beautiful things the way people think unicorns are pretty. Teachers at my catholic school have caught me several times doodling mermaids instead of listening in class and of course the teacher told me I am possessed. I was called mermaid girl, which didnt offend me the people thought I would be!

I desperately wanted to meet onel. LOL Anyway, fast forward 15 years and I had an "opportunity" to meet a real mermaid!

I found a sect that worships mermaids. Every 3 years, the mermaid worshipers scarifies a virgin girl at dawn to their mermaids goddess(why does it have to be virgins? sigh!) by taking her out to sea and leaving her to drown. When the mermaid has "taken" the little girl, the worshipers all proceed to the beach singing and dancing with jewelry and requests for the mermaid goddess. After a couple of days, the mermaid comes out of the water to greet them and grants her followers their wishes.

I really wanted to go, but I didn't care much about the human sacrifice that will go on behind the scenes! I KNOW mermaids aren't real, but I really really wish they are! I would love to meet one, but I can't pay the price these worshipers are asking... even knowing about it now worries me!
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You would definitely like this upcoming horror movie I ran into the past days... Mamiwata... It’s not out yet, but I read that they’re gonna start their production soon and it’s going to be released in 2014. I love their synopsis and I wanted to share this with you. It’s based on the myth of the African mermaid Mamiwata and the hallucinogenic effects of Iboga, a plant which has the power to take you to the spirits world. I’ve read a lot about this and since I am passioned about mythology, mermaids, paranormal phenomena etc. I think this movie will be great. I found them on twitter. They are pretty active. Hope this helps!

Lol the blood thing is just a myth not real

who says we're not real . . . lol . . . interesting story . . . don't worry . . . I won't eat you . . . hahahaha . . . 8D


That's a lie