Mermaid Performer

I like mermaids so much,that i became one. =) 

I swim around in mermaid tails that i have created on my own for events of all sorts and i have big plans coming up! they are a surprise ;) for now you can see more photos of my work at the link above until i redo my website.ask me questions. i love questions!

all images are copyright so please dont use for your own purposes.
mermaidodette mermaidodette
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2 Responses Sep 28, 2011

yes,sure-our poster gal Vira went to Florida last summer to meet with you folks.

small world...and a round one...and a WET one!

hey,nice! we are gearing up for our local Mermaidfest here in California.<br />
We should network-common goals,you betcha.

wow. this was posted last year.sorry i didnt get back to you sooner. i think i know some of the mermaids that went to that.