Real Mermaid Sightings.

I have always had weird things happen to me in the water, Mythology has roots on reality and actual events encrusted in the past that bring forward the imagination to contemplate whether there is something else there than "mere stories" We themselves are little mermaids considering that doctors and scientists confirm that 70% of human body weight consists of water, 72% of present world surface is water, Man needs water for everything, He can survive without food for up to two or three weeks but cannot survive without water for the same period.The Bible also says the foundation of the whole earth is upon the waters.

“You who laid the foundations of the earth

so that it should not be moved forever,

you covered it with the deep as with agarment,

the waters stood above the mountains.” (Ps. 104:5-6)

God’s throne itself is upon the waters. This shows the importance God himself attaches to water.

“The voice of the LORD is

over the water;

The God of glory thunders;

The LORD is over many waters.

The LORD sat enthroned at the Flood,

And the LORD sits as King Forever”

Mermaids or water spirits do actually exist, but in the spiritual realm and manifest by materializing their flesh to people who are deep into magic and they usually make you pay a high price for visions, gifts, fame, children for barren women ect, they are not a good thing to seek after, be content with the current fish population and different species,sea stars and lovely seaweed because the spiritual side of the ocean it's rather a fallen one and closed from our reach for a reason.

I should know... because I used to be a solitary witch and had scary happenings after doing water magick and seeking for sirens in the ocean. I know it sounds silly but reality is not so simple, there are things we cannot see but are there nonetheless. According to this book : Incredible Mysteries and Legends of the Sea by Edward Rowe Snow in November 16, 1822-British publication, The Mirror, listed ten different mermaid appearances on the sea
-1531-Merman caught in the Baltic and presented to King Sigismund of Poland
-1610-Captain John Whitbourne reported sighting a mermaid in the harbor of St. John's, Newfoundland.
-1614-John Smith saw a mermaid, swimming "with grace," having large eyes, finely shaped nose that was "somewhat short," and "well-formed ears that were rather too long." Also "long green hair imparted to her an original character by no means unattractive."...had begus to experience "the first effect of love" until he realized that from the waist down, she was a fish.
-1673-John Jocelyn reported that his friend, Mr. Miller, had sighted a merman in Maine's Casco Bay. The merman put a hand over one side of his canoe, threatening to capsize it. Miller chopped off the hand with a hatchet, and the merman disappeared into the water, "dyeing the water purple with its blood."
-1730-A French ship's crew spotten a merman off Newfoundland, for several hours. This account was signed by all in the crew who could write and sent to the Compte de Maurepas.
-Unknown year-Gloucester, Massachusetts-mermaid boarded a fishing craft, clinging to taffrail with one hand, which was amputated much like the story from 1673. The mermaid was supposed to have heaved a "human" sigh before disappearing. The men examined the hand and found it to be exactly like that of a human woman's.

And there is much more, according to this other book: The Water Spirit kingdom (which btw is free online and I higly recommend for Christians and non Christians )

"The water spirit arm of the kingdom of darkness exhibits certain attributes and characteristics which are common to people, places and cities where there is apparent manifestation or presence of these spirits.

1. Excessive pride and arrogance, manifesting in self-confidence, critical attitude towards others, total independence, desiring to be served, desire to be honored, desire to control others, boasting over achievements and dishonoring constituted authority.

“Because your heart is lifted up and

you say I am a god and I seat in the

of gods, in the midst of the sea...

And your heart is lifted up because of your riches”

(Ez. 28:2-5).

“... My river is my own,

I made it for myself” (Ez. 29:3b).

Pharaoh arrogated to himself the power of creation and of being a god. (See also, 1 Cor. 8:5-6.)

2. Homes and marriages are affected resulting in broken homes and marriages.

3. Difficulty for people to get married and stay married

4. “Churches” of error operate in areas where there is manifestation of water spirits.

5. They attack God’s work and God’s servants and unless God’s grace helps the servants, they fall into sexual sins or into heresy. In many coastal or riverime areas, we have seen many Holiness preachers trapped by sexual sins and falling into such sins. Promiscuity, juvenile delinquency, immorality and prostitution are common sins where they operate.

6. They lock up people’s material wealth and fortunes in the waters (Nah. 2:6).

7. They cause sexual abuse in dreams to those who are under their influence and they see themselves swimming in dreams or bathing by the rivers, etc.

8. Men and women that have water spirit problems find it difficult to be spiritually strong because of attacks from the water-attacks on their spiritual growth, i.e., prayer, Bible study.

9. They reveal secrets to their worshippers and that’s why their worshippers see “visions” and are involved in divination (Ezek 28:3).

10. Kings and traders have gained riches by the wisdom given them by water spirits (Ezek. 28:4).

11. They cause delay and difficulties in conception.

12. Loss of desire for spouse because they have sex in dreams with their spirit spouses in the spirit.

13. They cause people to love pleasures excessively.

14. They promote sorceries, enchantments and divination (Nah. 3:1-4). They constitute a powerful level of witchcraft (Deut. 18:10-11).

15. They manifest violence because they are violent spirits, i.e., the spirits in the Gardarene demoniacs were responsible for driving the swine violently down the steep into the sea and drowning them (Mark 5:7-13). Nineveh was situated by the sea and was reported to be a bloody war-like and violent city (Nahum 3:1-3).

16. They impact on people the tendency to go nude, i.e., this is the spirit behind people who walk naked on nude beaches. They alter the personality of people they inhabit, i.e., a normally decent person will see nothing wrong in walking around nude, even at the beach.

17. Water spirits bring evil characteristics into kings and presidents and through them into cities and nations- pride, pollution, terror, wickedness and immorality. In other words, they rule and govern whole nations which are under their influence through manipulation of the presidents and other political leaders.

18. Water Spirits manifesting as Leviathan also manifest these effects on people:

Insanity, paralysis, schizophrenia and other illnesses
Discord, strife and accusation
Chaos and suffering
Proud, haughty, condescending, and arrogant attitude.
Stubborn, cold-hearted
Lack of concentration, learning difficulties
Gloominess and depression
Unteachable, judgmental, possessive and legalistic
Seeks to control and associated with Jezebel spirit
Independent attitude, excessive self- confidence
Deafness and blindness to the Holy spirit, counterfeit ministries and worship
Miscommunication, deception, twisting the truth, lying, gossip and slander.
Dishonoring of authority.

(Culled from Amanda Buys, The Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water)

19. Since their objective is to prevent mankind from worshipping the true God, the creator of the universe, they deceive people through worldly philosophies (Col. 2:8) and through false religion and all kinds of cults (Col. 2:18).

20. They strengthen themselves through human blood and so they use many devises like air, road and water accidents, sickness, ritual killing, wars and other means by which they shed blood.

21. They use material and financial resources to manipulate their devotees: “Bow before me and I will make you rich” and many have bowed to them to serve them. They have by their wisdom monopolized and cornered a lot of the world’s materials resources, and they flaunt these to enslave undiscerning people.
“With your wisdom and understanding

you have gained riches for yourself

and gathered gold and silver into

your treasuries. By your great wisdom

in trade, you have increased your riches and

your heart is lifted up because of your riches”

(Ezek. 28:4-5).
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OMG that's so mean I'm a half mermaid and you just made me cry that's so not true

Hi my name is Heidi and this girl online said that she got her tail and that when she dried herself her tail was still there and she said it ruined her life and she said that mermaids are not attractive that all the guys look at her like she's a freak and throw rocks at her can this really happen to someone? Oh and she said that she got the spell from Egypt

I don't have a tail just a tiny bit of power and I act like one but I don't have a tail

Im watching it now, theres a new one coming out on wednesday, im so excited.

Actually, in the true Wiccan religion, men and women are equal. You are not doing yourself any favor by making that statement, princessofsea89. And HealingWolf, you are stating that men are higher than women, because that's what's in the Christian religion, but you are also saying that men and women are equal. Sorry, but you cannot have it both ways. Also, you are suggesting that mermaids are magical creatures, when people are simply identifying them as underwater mammals. It's funny how a 12 year old has more common sense and knowledge than you two do.

im also i witch and fully beleive in mermaids because i am one

I think its unfair to put all of the negativity on the merspirits. They are here to set us free. Sorry if I upset you. You see I was raised a Wiccan and I believe in the sacred feminine. I realize you will say I'm a heretic, blasphemer, Satan worshiper, yatta yatta yatta. But of course all that is true good and evil are reversible and actually women were sent here to set us free. There may be some negative spirits but they are not all that way. I am a mermaid myself and I assure you if you delve a little further into the church and find out how many innocent women were killed in the witch hunts and how many souls God sent to hell. You may not be so happy go lucky about God. God says worship me or you go to hell. Mermaids say worship me and I will give you treasure which sounds better to you?

Where can i find mermaids near North American?

Hey right here buddy I was just saying the same thing a while ago.

You know what I definitely believe your story. A year ago I have made a trip to Iquitios, Peru to explore Ayahuasca through a Shaman throughout the whole trip I kept hearing stories from different villagers on the Pink Dolphin and Mermaids that appear in the amazon river. Mulitple people explained that the Male Pink Dolphin turns into an attractive man only to seduce a young beautiful woman into their world. Mermaids have been known to take husbands and fishermen to their world. I had learn throughout my time there that the Shaman shared a story about his grandmother being seduced by a Pink Dolphin into the waters and disappeared. The Shaman explained that his Grandfather who was a Shaman himself had to work to retrieve his wife and when she returned she went insane and was obssesed with the dolphin. Your article definitely makes sense on how mischevious these spirits are.

O ok

What has happened to you

What has happened to you