It Is Excellent!

I have some excellent memories of MfM experiences; My first wife and My Best friend were lovers for years, we certainly had the opportunities to share her and experience what it means to pleasure a Lady....

We were in out 20s and we would spend a nice 30 minutes in foreplay-- getting her hot and bothered....

We would then roll her from her back to her side, pretty much on a rotation, each would have her first, every other evening, we would then enter her and get her moving while she would start to ***... she would have the most intense organisms-- Cuming and Cuming....
She had the ability to go into a multi-orgasmic spasm---

Just Great!
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That is the sweetiest thing I have ever been honored enough to recieve.... Although it is for the whole Group, Thanks!!<br />
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As it is now, I must honestly admit, my second wife and I did not swing, we lasted 9 years, but it was not satisfying....<br />
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My current wife, she has been the focus of MFM play and it has been fun, but she needs to understand better why I so like to share her... and I am honestly not sure she likes the answer, that it extends the play time.... and I love to see her being pleasured.... sigh.... :)

Lovely. I almost made it like that with my ex, but we ended up having a proper mfm only once with a total stranger. It was good but expected much more. May be I got tired of waiting and waiting. We did have couple of other tries and she did **** a few guys and told me about it later. She didn't cheat since she had my permission to do it but all the same it was a great turn on. Even that I wish she did more often but I ended up ******* many more other women than she did other men and I always wanted it vice versa.<br />
Almost the same thing is happening with my current wife. Even worse. She hasn’t ****** anyone yet. Since we are married that is.