We Couldn't Escape The Same Abuse

When I'd watch The Jackson Five's choreographed moves and heard their singing - led by Michael - in the early 70s, and loving pop music as much as I always have, I was amazed that five boys could sing and move so flawlessly. Sadly, when they practiced at home in the group's genesis, their mistakes were met by their father's wrath, and Michael took the brunt of much of his father's physical and emotional abuse. Michael's young, unique talent, came at a very high price. Most of that can be seen in his early attempts to distance himself from his father by facial cosmetic surgery. Although both my brother and I suffered the same type of physical and emotional paternal abuse, thank God we found better ways to deal with the memories of those years.
eleanorssong eleanorssong
56-60, F
Nov 4, 2011