Strawberry Milkshakes Me Me Quiver.

I love Mlikshakes soo much. when i was pregnant i used to eat them all the time. i remeber when i was 8 months pregnat with my son donnie it was soo hot out and i was sooo thirsty we stopped at McDonalds to get something to eat. my stomach  was hurting so all i ordered was a strawberry milkshake. well as we started to drive we ended up on a bumpy back road we musa taken a wrong turn well we ended up stopping and as i got out of the car i slipped and the milkshake i was carrying spilled all over my chest. it was very cold at first. and then it started to be very refresshing as the cold milky substance dripped down my chest forming a puddle between my round perky breats i could feel the coldness of the milkshake forming my tities into hard little diamonds. it was sooo refreshing. well with my shirt all wet and sloppy i thought i looked a mess but apparently not to my husband he looked at me and said do you want some help cleaning up and i was like thank god yes. and he come over and startes lickin the ice cream off my **** playin and sucking all the ice cream off myy nipples causing me to moan and groan not sure if i wanna tell him to stop or beg him to keep going. each lick each suck made me sure that when all he ice cream was gone from my chest that he;.'d have to explore lower just to be sure there wasnt anymore down below my tummy but that storys for another time
Aiyma Aiyma
18-21, F
May 8, 2012