Love Men Looking Up My Skirts

I've always loved showing off, but now its nearly summer I can get away with wearing my skimpiest little mini's.
I have a little satin pleated black one I wore yesterday to go shopping in and it was a little bit windy and I got a lot of admiring looks.
so after going into a couple of clothes shops I decided to take off my panties and give the guys a real thrill.
There was a couple of little gusts of wind but they didn't lift my skirt much so I kept walking around until I went to cross the road as I was waiting a bus drove by and the gust of wind it made lifted my skirt right up showing everything to the lads stood across the road. I waited to cross looking at the lads now smiling at me from across the road, so I smiled back the road cleared and we both started to cross half way across we passed each other and one lad pinched my bum. I turned and smiled at him this was enough for him to turn and catch me up and ask if I wanted to go for a coffee.
I agreed as he was cute, all three of us sat in the coffee shop at a table in the window the cute one sat next to me, as we chatted he put his hand on my leg I didn't react just acted normal. he got abit braver and slid his hand higher and then between my legs. I continued not to react as he lifted my skirt and fingered me.
while enjoying this I glanced outside to see two more lads watching from a bench laughing, they looked away when they saw me looking when they looked again I smiled at them. the cute guy who I now knew as called Criag took his hand out and we all finished our drink they said they had to go but gave me their numbers.
As I left one of the guys outside spoke to me and said I was really sexy, and was that my boyfriend?I told him how I'd met the lads and this must have turned him on as he ask me for a shag, Its been a long time since someone called sex that. but by now I was gagging for it so we wen down the street into the shopping mall toilets and he ******** me and far from being a shag he was very attentive kissing me all over I really enjoyed it then his mate came into the toilet cubical bent me over and he ******* me doggy style!
All in all a good days shopping.
lindawest lindawest 41-45, F 46 Responses May 27, 2010

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I'll be watching for the short skirts on windy days,

great way to spend the afternoon

Really exciting, what else can I say?

Mini skirts are the best! Especially if they're leather!

All in all a fun day out shopping... even ending up back at a mall! ;)

I love the view up a ladies skirt. Especially when they have no panties on....always seem to get a rise out of me....

So sexy..

i hope they bought u sum hot skimpies after 2 wear on yr next outing =)

good girl

You got to be the hottest and sexiest girl on the planet .Love your stories.You have run into some very lucky guys. I don't seem to be that

That is sooooo damn hot I wish there was more woman like u around

What fun you have. Sounds like a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing.

Why does stuff like that never happen to me when I go shopping!

Wish I could run into you sometime.

I guess you got alot done that day. Sounds real sexy.

Great story. The part i am most envious about is the lads who saw you being fingered. I would have been glued to the window and want you to put on a good discreet show. Keep up the good work. Public nudity is a huge turn on.

what a thrill that story has made me so horny i love the idea of a hot girl getting turned on by just wearing a mini and flashing her thong to the point her ***** gets hungry and wet

Quite the hot sexy naughty lover you are ! please add me so i can see what im dreaming of now ! growl xo peter

Love the story, I would be very turned on by your outfit!

Mmmm, **** that would be fun!!! *** to Hawaii and I'll shag you in places with a beautiful view!

Would love to look up your skirt

up skirt with panties are great

Would love to look up your skirt

nice! we d get along good you love show off. i love to look!

I like the thrill as well and often see men looking up my skirt.

Awesome HOT story. Thanks for getting my day off to a great start! Wish I could upvote you more than once!

getting a sneak peek ******* is one of the sexiest things ever

Great story.

Wow, you're a very naughty girl. I like it!

Quite a story Imagine the boys surprise, they thought they would see a glimpse of panties, but you showed them when you were not wearing any!!!