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Do You Like Flare Minis?

I own plenty of miniskirts of all sorts and enjoy wearing them for various occasions. I don't like tight minis very much. And pleated and straight flare miniskirts are way better with me. Tight one restricts my movements, I become somewhat less natural, I try to cover myself cause it rides up over and over again. Tight one make me somewhat aware of wearing a naughty short skirt. One may say such restrictions make a girl look feminine and sexy. Truth, tight ones are unrivaled in that. But me I find them fit for special occasions when in general I prefer flare skirts. When I'm wearing a flare one it allows me much more freedom to flirt and flash when I feel like to. It seems like it covers me whatever position I'm in but the same time it waves and flips with every 'special' movement, with every light wind blow.
stacygirl stacygirl 18-21, F 36 Responses Feb 7, 2011

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Nothing more sexy than seeing a pretty girl walking along with a short flared mini skirt blowing in the breeze !

So hot and addictive

Yes, I am a guy that loves flare mini skirts and flare short dresses. I love what a breeze does and I love knowing the girl knew just what the skirt would do when she selected it, no matter how she pretends and protests otherwise. I love that girls love showing their legs almost as much (maybe more than) as guys like looking. I love girls who know how to cross and recross their legs to show just the right amount. The one tight skirt I do love is the denim mini. I think every girl knows guys will get an eyeful because the stiff material doesn't wrap like other fabrics do.

I liked your story, just wish there was more to it. I'd like to ask you to read my stories and give some feedback. I especially enjoy women's perspective . Would you answer this question ? If you had been there would you have enjoyed it and what else you would have liked ?

Short flared skirts look the best, especially with a slight wind.

I love that you love miniskirts, they are sexy... Never thought about how the tight ones are too restrictive. Damn how I wish a hottie would tease me with one of those flare skirts, so I can grab her and **** her behind some bushes or something.

I agree with all the comments...while a tight skirt/dress when the woman has an amazing *** is nice to see the flared/flouncy skirts are fun to watch in anticipation of seeing a bit more leg or just a glimpse of *** cheek...very, very hot...would love a glimpse of your *** cheek!

Yes! Definitely flared (or pleated) it's the sexiest thing a girl can wear with or without pantys. And rather I get a peak under it or not. I will watch you all night (not a perverted gaze) but just watching and hoping to get a peak is a wonderful turn on.

Nothing so thrilling as the the delicious unexpected glimpse of panties momentarily revealed under a short flared skirt!

It nice just seeing sexy legs lol

As a guy that enjoys w0men who flash I love all short skirts with no panties.

Flippy and flairy skirts are best for accidental flashing foe sure!

They are best for accidental and INTENTIONAL flashing ! :~) Come on now, haven't YOU ever seen a girl lifting her flared skirt up and waving it around, flashing her possibly pantied covered ***** occassionally in the teasing process.

I pretty much know just how hard and fast to T W I R L around to make my flared dress or skirt fly way up to my waist and make it look completely "accidental" for all of YOU lucky guys whenever I want to. That is until I've had too much alcohol. Then my dance partners tend to take control and expose me to their liking !

Oh Ihave and like to see a girl do it!
Even nicer when there are NO panties

Well done.... you must have had a lot of practise! LOL

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I definitely prefer flare mini skirts and especially flare sundresses that are REAL SHORT ! They are devilishly SEXY and they keep the guys interested all night long watching me on the dancefloor. Sexy lace top, thigh high, hose stockings, and high heels are a must to go along with my mini dresses. Underwear ?<br />
Maybe a tiny sheer g-string to accentuate my womanly charms or perhaps later<br />
on we can lose that too ! Want to T W I R L me around real fast and make my <br />
super short mini dress fly clear up to my waist ?

Flared is definitely better! if girls can call it cute and guys can call it sexy, then it's a winner.

would love to see you in your mini skirts!

I like to see girls in both. I love flared because I think a girl can lose control of it in the breeze more easily and I Like seeing what a girl allegedly didn't intend to show. If I had a girl who liked to show off in my life, I would want her to have both because you can express different moods in differnt skirts

I prefer those skirts too, on girls and me. :p

I understand what you mean about a flared skirt being more versatile, but give me a tight one everytime. As you observe, tight ones ride up your thighs, and as a girl who wears mini's for the express purpose of showing my pantiless state of dress, and what I want guys to see, they are perfect! S.x (mrs wicedman)

I am a fan of flared as well as pleated. My biggest gripe with tight skirts is that they eat your stocking tops. I do have a 12" lycra that I occasionally wear that is form fitting, and stretches when I sit down, but I avoid tight as a general rule. I have muscular thighs, too, and can't stand the edge, not to mention it leaves a white line.

I love any kind of mini skirt, but definitely love the casual-ness of flare/pleated skirts

Ah the pleated mini. Whats not to like?

i gues the flair ones are best when its windy :)

And flared skirts just highlight the fact to those watching that at the right angle we'd be able to see all that we desires! :)

i have about 20 minis and only 2 are tight. all of mine are full skirts that are so light that the smallest of wind will make them fly. i always wear lace panties or nothing under them. i am a bit of a tees and if i see a guy looking i make my skirt flirt and turn them on. some women look at me in discus, but that is because they wish they could do it too, and are afraid too try. SO I SAY , GO FOR IT.

I guess it depends on my mood I like both the flair for the freedom of movemrnt it is a lot easier to cross your legs when you sit down just more relaxed feel to them otheer times I like the tight skit it just feels good like being in a tight embrace but I like them to have a little strech in them not too tight and I like the material to feel nice on me.

Flared all the way. For the guys with conservative ladies it's also a much easier sales job

all i wear are short full skirts, and most of them are of a gauze material, very light and fly in the smallest of wind. i always wear lace panties too, i guess i just love to show off my best parts, and the men really love it to. even the women seam to like them

Certainly gotta be careful when wearing a skirt of any sort... Well I mean only mini one since I don't own any other kind:)

Flares want to fly up too much when you turn quickly. Also the wind can be a problem.

of course they can. that's the fun. Please enjoy your power. Don't waste it and then some day wish you had more fun.

I understand what you mean. But I prefer tight super micro mini skirts without panties and they don't pull them down when they creep up. ;) mmmmmmmmmmmm