I Own 20 Skirts

I am a miniskirt fanatic , I am tall and have long legs so I love wearing skirts. I have more than 20 skirts and wear more skirts than jeans, even when it snows I wear a skirt. I love combining them with boots , I used to own tall dr martens I would wear them with high blackĀ  stockings and a miniskirt.
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3 Responses Feb 23, 2011

Im a sales girl at an adult store.....Im encouraged / permitted to dress provocatively......i take full advantage and usually wear as little as leagley possible without being arrested. micro minis.... butt/panties showing. Also give me the opportunity to sport the ******* ***** we sell. Unfortunately cant dress like that outside the store....Imagine that !

The toy that **** with a belt and you wear it round your waist....Two women share it

I love to see women wearing that type of outfit its sounds so hot. I am a male and I wore a short skirt and black tights and over the knee boots for halloween one year I loved how it felt and how I looked since then i have been dressing up in different outfits when i go out on the town and of course i do have a blond wig and it all looks so good.

i say yes yes yes i am the same way, you go girl