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Flirty Little Skirts

I like wearing flirty little skirts and high heels. I enjoy how the heels make my legs and my bottom look great. I have legs to die for and I fancy showing them off in flirty little skirts.

When I am in business setting, I enjoy how the men struggle to keep their eyes off my legs, and how easy it is to catch them staring at my silky, smooth legs in my flirty little skirts. It makes me giggle. Men are so easy. I relish it.

When I am out shopping, I will find excuses to bend over, to pretend to look at something on a lower shelf, feeling my tiny skirt slip higher up the backs of my legs. Like I said, I know the backs of my legs and my bottom look great in my spiked heels. I feel so deliciously sinful when I tease men that way. It excites me.

My husband loves for me to wear mini-skirts and mini-dresses. He tells me how proud he is of me, when I look so sexy. He enjoys showing me off to his business associates and his friends. He knows that I am tempting and he savors flaunting me before them. After we come home from a party, we always make hot love for hours, sharing fantasies about the people who were at the party, and all the naughty things we imagine doing with them and to them.

I only recently learned to play tennis, but I have always found it thrilling wearing those little tennis skirts with ruffled white panties under them. It gives me an excuse to show off my tight, rounded bottom with all those frilly little ruffles all over them. I wear them out shopping and to run errunds, or just to meet my girlfriends for drinks. I look like I just came from the tennis courts or like I am on my way to the tennis club, but really I just like wearing the outfits.

I think short skirts and high heels are two things that are uniquely feminine and make us girls feel like a woman. 


outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 86 Responses Feb 9, 2008

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I love a bit of up skit and if you read my stories you will see that I have done it top but with a kilt x please add x

You are in my circle so enjoy

I love short skirts too, my wife wears them when we work together (we clean vacation homes in Hawaii) and she only wears thongs. I am lucky enough to get peeks of her beautiful round buns and panty covered loveliness when she bends over, and she knows I love it. It's hard to resist rubbing my hand on her little round buns.
I would love to see you in yours!

How fun! I would enjoy playing that way very much, but we would never get any work done,

You sound delicious

I AM delicious.

Mmm yes do love a woman ins short skirt n heels

I think most men share your love of short skirts and high heels on a pretty woman, and most women know the effect it has on you. Warm Kisses.

Make that some men. A short skirt is terrific. We all wear them. High heels are a poor choice that leads to feet needing medical attention as well as resulting in poor posture. A nice pair of flats is much more visually pleasing as well as being much more comfortable.

good legs with high heels are a sight to behold. once my eyes are fixed on them it's hard to look away.

Some women do not mind you staring at our legs and I am one of them. I think a mini-length skirt or dress is a clear message that a woman likes to show off her legs.

would love to see you and look up your skirt and see your pretty little *****

I added you so enjoy the view. Warm Kisses.

You sound like a very sexy and sensual woman, id love to see how you look in those outfits.

I added you so enjoy the view

Well, you certainly do have the "raw material" to put that short skirt and heels to good use. Enjoy them, and I'm sure your hubby does, too.

Heck, so do I.

I inherited sexy beauty and a killer body, and I feel a social obligation to share it with the world for the enjoyment of everyone.

love miniskirts too!

ever wear thongs under?
or nothing?

All the time.



love to see a flash ;-)

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A perfect combination, because I always like to catch that sometimes fleeting glimpse...if it were tantalizingly offered on purpose, I'd definitely savor the lingering sight.... ;)

And girls like me love to flash you those teasing glimpses, being so careless and naughty in our flirty little skirts. We love the attention and love to excite and arouse those lusty desires.

No better view than a women with nice legs in short skirt and high heels.

The high heels destroy the whole look. Stick with flats.

Heels make my legs and my *** look great.

In your opinion.

I agree and love wearing them

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Maybe high heels are feminine but short skirts & dresses certainly are not. I wear short skirts or short dresses virtually every day as a manly man who would never be confused with anyone who is a female. Comfortable garments are comfortable as long as the size is correct for a great fit. The label is irrelevant.

That is very confusing to me. How are dresses and short skirts considered to be manly?

As a masculine man I do not look feminine when I wear a skirt or dress just as a woman who chooses to wear pants does not look masculine. It is the man in the garment that projects a thoroughly manly image. Even a blind man would not mistake me as being a female when I am wearing a short skirt or dress. That is why I say that a manly man looks manly no matter what he chooses to wear just as a feminine woman is going to look feminine even when she is wearing bib overalls.

That is exactly how I like to see a woman. That scene blows my mind. And I encourage my wife to wear short skirts so that she can feel sexy and beautiful showing her gorgeous legs.

When a wife is encouraged and empowered by her husband to dress sexy and seductive, it is wonderful for both he and her. She is made to feel desirable and attractive, and her husband is reminded of just how valuable she is to him.

This is awesome. Would like to see more of you. Please add me.

You are in my circle, so enjoy

couldn't agree more - thank god for the mini's!

I always think of a sinfully short miniskirt as being mere window dressing. It is so utterly suggestive and yet covers so little.

awesome love it.

And I love strutting about in naughty little skirts, teetering on my spiked heels. Warm Kisses.

yes you do very much

You just knocked my balls out of the court.
I grab your frilly little pantyass hard.

I love when a man takes me in hand. *giggle*

Hottie: thanks for sharing

You are most welcome, Kind Sir. Warm Kisses.

iwhs I was urs...wud make love with you everytime u bend over....n show ur mini skirt...hole from down ur panties.....ah ur story made me wet..wish u wer here would see u and make my day

Girls like me abound in nearly every community. You need only go where promiscuous women go, and be observant.

do you ever not wear panties when wearing your short skirts? THAT'S the ultimate tease! I would love to see some pictures of your lovely legs.

Yes, I often do not wear panties. They just get in the way. And I feel so deliciously sinful without them.

that first you like teasing guys. The other thing is yes women do look hot in skirt with heal shoes

I do love to tease, and I look so deliciously hot in a short, flirty little skirt with high heels.

yes bet you do and probly better looking in white short skirt.

do you ever leave your panties at home when you go out wearing micro-mini skirts?

Yes, I am so very naughty that way.

have to say I LOVE the way you think, as I have always loved exposing my best assets, and moreso now, at MY hubby's encouragement (and purchases!!) ... it is wonderfully empowering, and it's nice to read of a woman of like mind ... I, too, dress to please my husband first and foremost ... and any others who openly enjoy the view are a lovely, sensual addition to the day!! thank you for sharing (the wife) ;-)

Every good wife should copy your example, Guys love to show off their sexy wives and we are like their own private little Barbie dolls that they get to dress. It is a power trip, I think, when other guys are clearly lusting after a man\'s wife, reminding the husband of just how attractive we are. My husband is so proud of my ability to win the affection and approval of other men, and he loves me to play the seductive temptress for his enjoyment. Warm Kisses.

love your stories, would love to see more so i can prove my imagination right ;-)

I added you so you can enjoy the view. I hope you are not disappointed. Warm Kisses.

I am picturing all of these outfits and it is amazingly sexy!!

I added you, so enjoy the view. Warm Kisses.

I love women like you. I wish you were my age so to "exchange" thought (eye) or two.
So far, only my fantasy is open thanks to you.

Feed your fantasy off women like me. Let us fuel your imagination. Let us live in your dreams and star in your erotic musings. I love being the catalyst for such hotly arousing thoughts and desires. Warm Kisses.

Do you wear panties under your tennis bloomers? If not you should try wearing bloomers a size too big so gaps open up when you sit. Would you ever consider it?

Not really. I like tiny panties that fit me perfectly. Sheer is always very sexy.

Love this story!

I hoped that you would love it, that's why I wrote about it. Warm Kisses.

My my my,,,, My kind of girl! I love the whole tiny skirt / submissive wife idea.

Most guys share your love of women flaunting themselves in tiny skirts, and it helps if a woman's husband loves it too. Being the submissive wife, I dress to please my husband, first and foremost, above all men.

The art of femmininity is all but lost in america. Teach your ideas to your daughter. :-) Thanks for sharing

You must be a dream my dear. Keep showing and maybe someday I can see!

I hope that I am in your dreams. I hope that I can play the starring role in your erotic fantasies. I love being on your mind as you imagine all the wicked things you would do with me and to me. I flaunt my luscious body openly for the enjoyment of all around me, as I feel is the social obligation of every beautiful woman.

You are definitely on my mind and I often think of things to do to and with you...