Short Skirts On The Golf Course

i was out playing golf a few days ago in a hot pink very light short skirt that moved with the air. i was by myself and on the back 9 a guy was watching me tee off from an elevated green. i am sure he could see up my skirt, and my pale blue lace panties. a few holes latter i came up the hill to the next tee box and there he was waiting for me. and we started playing together for the last 4 holes. as i was bending over i saw him bending over to look up my skirt from only a few feet away. i am sure he saw everything down there. i hit the ball and we walked down to the green. i was stooping down to look at the green and how to make the putt when i lost my ballence and fell back on my back with my legs up in the air and my skirt up around my waist. he was over to me in a heart beat as i was pushing my skirt down. i looked up at him and sticking out of the leg of his sweet pants was something long big and hard looking right at me. i said is that for me or are you just glade to see me. he said it is yours if you want it. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GOLF COURSE, I DON'T THINK SO. when we were done he said he loved watching me tee up and hitting the ball. i said i beat you do and thanks and left to go home.
thats why i love wearing short skirts on the golf course. you never know when you may get a hole in one.
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8 Responses Apr 27, 2011

great story. I've worn skirts on a golf course before too I love the feeling

Wish I had the guts to do that on a golf course. I would have surely arranged to do him if offered.

Such a fun day for you!


You might get a hole in one if you wander into the rough.

I`ve got a 6" iron you might like to try!

Fabulous sweetie

ur a fun loving gal.

Next time, ask him to hit the ball to the bushes, and follow the balls.