High School Mini Skirt Memories

In the 70s, I went to a private high school that required that we all wear uniforms. No one liked the uniforms so as an act of rebellion we would all make our little adjustments to it. The most popular was for some of the girls to push the limit on how short a skirt they could get away with. In the last years I was there, they were less and less strict and the skirts got shorter and shorter. Lunch time was a panty fest since there were not enough benches for all the students to sit so people had to sit on the floors or out in the yards. Lots of colorful expressions of femininity as the new satin panty designs were all the rage. My favorite were always the ones that are sheer and lacy. I looked forward to windy days and warm ones the most.

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oh, bestill my heart!

I wore a thong some-mainly to avoid accidental full vaginal exposure. As far as the 'commando" side, yes, I did-after all, it was an all female class. exposure is rather over-rated, but did add a level of oooh ahhh to things. From a male point of view, I am sure you would have lost count of upskirts in a very short time.

Catholic school brat here...Our restrictions were that the hem could be no shorter than our fingertips with arms extended. I believe this is still the rule today. However...There were no restrictions on our phys ed uniforms-and most of us generally kept our gym skirts from middle school to wear in high school. I had a serious growth spurt between 15 and 16, and ended up with legs that were much longer than my middle school gym skirt ever would have accomodated-specifically, it came to the edge of my wrist at the palm. This caused me little problem, since it was an all girls' school, but I had to be very careful of my choice of knickers.

I always wondered about how catholic schools had gym uniforms with mini skirts and (usually) white knickers. There was one like that I saw when I was in London. I always thought that that was very kinky since this was truly the time girls were expected to run around and not act lady like; the skirts will be flying every which way and panties would be in constant view.

With your gym skirt down to just the end of your wrist, I doubt your tush would be covered even when you just walked. Did you wear special thick knickers for gym or just your daily normal panties? What was it like knowing that your panties were on constant display? Did you feel self-conscious around the girls... or the men teachers?

Well, on my side, I was modest enough standing straight-from 16-senior, there was little left to the imagination once the action started. Besides, there was never a "requirement" with regard to unders-color or otherwise. Secondly, when we did higher impact or more potentially risque sports (wrestling, or tennis), most of us wore pin-downs (the American equivalent of boyshorts) under them. For the rest of the time, since we had classes after gym, we tended to keep one thong in our lockers for gym purposes-that way, we wouldn't have to sit in sweat the rest of the day. Of course, there were quite a few of us that simply did not wear unders, at least for gym class. Oh, and we had NO male teachers, where gym classes were concerned.

So if I am getting it right, there were lots of girls who would be wearing their gym uniform with no unders unless they were doing a very physical sport like wrestling? That sounds pretty dam daring if you ask me. Sounds like you wore the thongs under your skirt during gym, because you wore a bitty gym skirt. Did you ever go commando during gym like the others? Were there ever commando upskirts during your less risque games?