Very Short Ones

I love wearing flared mini skirts that are about 4" above my knee's, I love the looks and attention that I get when wearing this style of skirt.
Under it I wear black stockings and black french knickers, with the skirt being flared if I bend even slightly my stocking tops can be seen.
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That's lovely. I'd find it even better without the stockings though.

I feel uncomfortable wearing mini skirts, feel people will see up mine (blushes)

I adore them too!

A lady of my dreams!!!

we'll that's certainly a way to get a mans attention... It would get mine!!!!!

Mini skirts are also great for active hands to crawl up in the heat of passion, such as a french kiss ;-)

That's what's sexy about wearing a skirt.

perhaps not quite so demure!

Demure with a wild side.

definitely wild but also very elegant. You have a new admirer.

Sounds very sexy ;-)

We should meet up sometime ... love your dress-sense! :-)

I'll bet that is devilish sexy...

You dress very hot, stocking tops at the skin are quite sexy on a hot lady like you.

I think most women underestimate the power of a good cocktease, whether it be a comment, a wink, a sexy look, or a nice flirty flared mini-skirt. If only more women had your attitude, the world would be a happier place.

I know how to **** tease and do it most days.

And we love it!

would love to see a pic of you in the skirt you the avatar pic. Add me?

Bliss! x

MMMMMMMMM I LOVE a woman in a short skirt/dress please add me I'd like to hear more :)

ooooh, Mandy, if you only knew how I love to be teased, then you'd really understand what a turn-on your story is for me. I'd love it if we'd add each other and chat/get acquainted. Thanks!

I always like seeing a cutie in a dress like that. She can flirt with just a smile and an intentional movement that makes her skirt rise up

What a flash of thigh and maybe a little view of knickers.

Yes indeed and even more to make ***** begin to rise

I love watching women in short skirts and wish that more women in the US would wear them. I am lucky that I do get to travel often and get to see beautiful women all over the world in short skirt and stockings or even really short skirts and tight keep me aroused all day. Thank you for your post You look amazing in your short skirt!

My girlfriend wears short mini skirts too, we both love them, so sexy

How delicious. French knickers are much forgotten these days

And bet you look even better in a skirt that is shorter, say a 15 - 16" skirt... ;)

Love mini-skirts and minidresses because I am a leg man from way back. I always get a kick out of the girls who wear very short skirts and then say guys are terrible for staring. How can we not stare at nice legs in a short skirt. How can we not follow you with our eyes when you are wearing a flared mini and a breeze might give us an extra treat. It is always fun when the girl pretends she does not know what she is doing to us. You must be a delight to go on a date with. Please do add as friend.

I often wear short mini pleated skirts and if you want to tease wear a little lacy mini slip and the boys will soon notice those great legs ?

Now that uis trully sexy.. XX

You just sound so darn sexy. Have added you xxxx

Awww you little flirt, I love you already hehe

God my dear your hot!

Short and pleated

awsome please ,,,, add photos ! !

The outfit you describe is SO hot, Mandy! I adore a woman in a short, flared skirt. Anything can happen. And black stockings and suspenders are incredibly feminine and sexy. (Pantyhose are evil.)<br />
<br />
Do you ever wear a thong or go pantyless?

I prefer my skirts to be about 6" - 8" above my knees. Most of the men I know like me wearing skirts that length too - especially if I'm not wearing knickers.

Very sexy thanks

sounds sooooo sexy !!!!

Very sexy!! I think a glimpes stocking tops make most men melt a little bit!! If you know what I mean!!

Love your choice of attire - the slight bending I'm sure draws lots of attention to your sexy legs and beautiful arse. Love your avatar pic, just a stunning young woman.

Thank you.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Wow ! quite the sexy hot lady you are ! i wish you worked in my office ! id love to see you cross and uncross your sexy stocking clad legs and expose your sexy panties ! add me please! so i may see what im dreaming of now ! you are awesomely hot and sexy ! growl xo peter

you sound very much like the type of hot thing that i like to see coming down an escalator when im sitting at the bottom in a day dream

Be great if you would make me your friend, so you can show off even more and to me.

Hmmmm!As a voyeur,that gets me instantly hard!<br />
We had a temp working for a client we were consulting for.<br />
The work load was well beyond her capacity but none of my <br />
Team complained.They just took up the slack am<br />
Nd insisted she remain on the team.<br />
Simple reason being her pleated short skirt with wafer thin thongs<br />
That left nothing to the imagination,and manya an hour wasted!<br />
Needless to say she got "nailed" on the last night by three of us!<br />
The pleasures of youth!!

Yes. Extremely sexy. Very tantalizing.

Silly of men to like legs so much? Most of us don't care, we love seeing nice legs under a just right short skirt and watching as you walk and the back of your skirt moves as it does. There are so many tricks you can use to hold us in your sway. <br />
<br />
I'd love to be added as friend and be able to see your legs in pics.

Oh that does sound nice and very tasteful! You have an excellent dress sense!

I loved reading your post . my taste in undies is very similar to your own, and I can never resist making a suitable purchase at the lingerie counter . an expensive habit , but , my goodness me . ! a camisole , and French knickers in satins or silks , fuschia , perhaps , with black lacy embroidery , black suspenders , ivory stockings ,dark welts and in my case . 5 in heels , really make me feel truly feminine . .. an A- line skirt in black , and a crimson blouse , completes the picture , and my particular appeal to the male population , is exiting my car from the drivers seat . ....A little more care needed . perhaps . ?

Ah, Gina, I'm sure you must make many a man's day exiting your car dressed like that! Ooh-la-la!

I love wearing my tennis skirt without the shorts..and of course no panties

Very exciting for spectators.

WOW. Men of all ages will enjoy watching you make sure we see what you want us to see. Thanks for making it fun that you are a girl. Have you posted any pics of you in your tennis skirt? Other skirts? Love to see.

I don't post any pics

Agree when a lady bends over a glimpse of lace at the top of the stockings ....priceless....

let me see :)

I go 1 step further in that i wear no undies with my miniskirts ....... just a garter and stockings. I also love the immediate attention.

Very sexy. I love this look.

Four inches above the knee, with stockings and sexy spiked heels is perfect! Very sexy but still very classy! My wife has great legs and I love it when she shows them off that way!