The Sexy Hitchhiker

i was driving south in my old ford when i saw a girl with long brown hair on the side of the road with her thumb out looking for a ride.i could see right off that her legs were very tan and shapley so i picked her wasnt until she got in that i noticed her legs were also natural(unshaved)and loaded with pretty peachfuzz golden hair,which has always been a big turn on for we chatted she noticed that i couldnt take my eyes off her legs,esspecially when we rounded a bend and the sun shone in on them.i told her that her legs were gorgeous and she smiled and said so you like the natural look?ooh yeah i said it looks beautiful on girls with a real nice tan like yours.i just had to get her behind the wheel so i wouldnt have to watch the road so i pulled into a rest stop saying i wanted to get some coffee and she said i coasted to a stop i reached under the dash and closed my fords hidden manual choke.we got our coffe and i asked would you like to drive for a while and she said yeah sure.we traded places and she slid in behind the wheel and the sun hit her legs and i had to stifle a low moan as her mini rode way up revealing lots of sexy blond hair on her golden thighs.she started the car but it promptly stalled because of the choke.she tried it again and it teased and whinnied but had now become a bit flooded.she looked over and saw me leering at her legs and smiled asking whats wrong with the car?i smiled and said maybe your legs are too sexy for my car,try it again.she tried it slowly feathering the pedal and it teased and sputtered but was too flooded to start.she looked at me and smiled and said your liking this arent you?oooh yes i moaned your legs look incredibly sexy trying to start a flooded car.she smiled and said well if its a show you want then lifted her miniskirt and revealed she wore no panties.i had never seen so much hair on a girl before and i moaned oooh wow how sexy is this.she smiled and began pumping and cranking my car getting it hoplessly flooded and i was in heaven.she seemed to like putting on the show for me saying it was the least she could do for giving her a ride.she looked down at my throbbing pants and said wow you are liking this arent you?oooh yes i said flood my car baby it is soo turning me on watching you flood it with your sexy legs.curiuos she asked how did you get it to flood like this.i smiled sheepishly and said manual choke under the dash and she said oooh she worked the choke once she found it making my car tease and whinnie and sputter but remain flooded and i soon erupted like a volcano.once i exploded she asked do you still want me to drive and i said no thats ok i just wanted to watch you cranking my flooded car with your tan,gorgeous legs and she smiled and went back to the passenger side.she smiled and we resumed our trip and she sat right next to me with her mini all the way up and i was soon hard again looking at her sexy legs and all that gorgeous golden hair.i rubbed her thighs as we drove and she smiled asking do you want me to flood your car again next time we stop and i said ooh yeah that would be great.she said maybe we should try a truck stop so we could get somebody else watching me cranking it too.i said wow girl you have a little exhibishionist in you huh and she said ooh yeah i love putting on a show.
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sounds fun

if u liked that one u should read some of my other stories under i like to go for a drive all dressed up and i always seem to flood my car pumping the gaspedal starting it