My Husband Shows Me Off

We were going to a country bar last Saturday night and my husband knew a couple guys, Jack and Troy, that like to hit on me and tease me about having dated black men were going to be there. So, he decided he wanted to show me off. James (my husband who is also white and knows I have dated black men) has great taste and was looking through my wardrobe for just the right outfit. He picked a light grey summer mini dress with pink and white floral print. Then he went to my undies drawer and selected a light grey ruffled satin bra and panty set. Next he picked out some silver sandals. "Honey, you will look great in this outfit", he said.

I was just standing there with my mouth hanging open. "Jamie, that's an outfit Lamont (my black bull) bought for me", I blurted out. He got a mischevious grin on his face and said, "Great, that's even better." "But, I'll have to wear the bracelet", I said. He knows I am required to wear a diamond tennis bracelet that Lamont gave me whenever I go to him or wear even one piece of clothing or shoes he has given to me. "Vikkie, no one will know what the bracelet means except me. And, that will make this night even more special for me as I show you off to those two redneck brutes." "Ok", I said as he firmly squeezed my *****. "I want those two idiots to know that this is mine."

As we walked through the door to the bar, I saw Jack and Troy standing at the bar. They looked around and saw us coming in. Both were wearing cowboy hats and, at the same time, both tipped their hats and whistled and hooted at me. Jamie got such a big grin on his face. Then he put his hand on my *** under my dress and squeezed it. He walked me over to a table without taking his hand off my ***, pulled out a chair with his other hand for me to sit and whispered in my ear, "Whirl around as you sit down so those guys can see the ruffled panties and then lift your leg kinda high as you sit and cross your legs." I kissed him on his cheek, whirled around letting everyone in the bar see the ruffles across my but and made sure I was facing Jack and Troy as I sat down lifting my right leg up into the air showing my crotch as I crossed it over my left leg. They both stood there at the bar with their mouths hanging open staring at me.

As the night wore on we danced and Jamie always made sure to move me around on the dance floor so Jack and Troy could get a good full look at me. Occaisionally he would move his hand around on my back pulling my dress up so they could see the ruffles across my butt. A couple times he put his hand on my *** beneath my dress as my back was turned to them just to tease them with me. They watched us and drooled over me all night.

When my husband excused himself to go to the restroom, they gave each other a look and then walked over to where I was sitting. I made sure I had crossed my legs in just such a manner so that when they got closer they could see my panties. Jack said, "You're too much woman for that cowboy you got married to." "Yeah, why don't you let us show you how real cowboys ride a filley", chimed in Troy. "You know darlin', it ain't just black dudes who got some meat on them. You need a little of what I got packin". "I don't think the two of you put together would know how to handle me", I replied. "Besides, I got all the cowboy I want and he for sure knows how to handle me".

This made them both laugh. Then as they both moved in and leaned over the table my husband appeared out of nowhere. He calmly took my hand and lifted me out of the chair, put his arm around me and we started walking toward the door. We left both of them standing there at the table. Jamie threw his arms around me and gave me a great big kiss as we got to our truck. "Damn, baby, I love you. I hope those two enjoyed themselves tonight. I know everybody else did because I got several nice comments on my beautiful sexy wife from some of the other guys. One of 'em even looked like maybe his wife slapped his face or something from the hand print on his cheek. I guess maybe she got a little jealous of him looking at you."

I just love it when my husband wants to take me out and show me off.
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Me too, I LOVE showing off mine!

Does your husband know you still **** black men even after you got married?

yup he knows I see a black guy once or twice a week...only one guy and I been seeing him over 2 years

I'd love for him to show you off for me

your husband is a lucky man :)

That was well written and very hot...Would you consider adding me?

What a sensually written story. I could imagine the silly rednecks wishing they could have some. If they had been black, of course that treatment would have gotten them just what they wanted, but they were white and their skills could not match their talk. Of course, I would like to be your friend. I have been enjoying what you have written.

Thank you. Jack and Troy are both ignorant rednecks. I\'ve known them since high school and wouldn\'t let either one of them touch me for anything in the world. yup, if they had been black, I might have snuck off with them for a while and had some fun...that is if hubby said it would be ok.


hot story. If they would have been black men, would you have ****** them?

<p>Nice time except I would have had you leave the panties at home.</p>

Great story

that is so hot..


Gotta love our men!!

would you like to have the wht boy hubby take you to an all blk he can see how blk men would treat you....:)

I would have to think about that. He would get an education though

yes he would....mention to him today that you'd like to have him show you off at an all black club and see how he reacts...

nice story for sure...but when wearing that dress and bracelet how often was your mind on the black bull...and black ****? Has hubby ever done something like this before....except taking you to a mostly all black club?

I always think about the bull when I'm wearing his clothing or the bracelet. Hubby has shown me off several times when we've gone out. I have never been to a black club with my husband. Of course, I went to black clubs when dating black men who took me there and they would often show me off too. I know what I have and I love being shown off.