Pleated Minis

i love the attention i get from guys when i wear my pleated and plaid mini skirts, including a silk and laced slip.  Unfortunately, i am not allowed to wear minis at home, but i wear them when i am at the college dorm :)  I would like to share experiences with girls who have the same restrictions at home.
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

U go girl! I have the same experience! I only have 1 mini skirt and 2 short shorts and I love to wear them in public! I just hate it when my mom would pull it down to make it look long or force me into wearing boyshorts under it! She would also tease me and try to make me look bad and ask "are u naked"? Anyway keep doing what ur doing! :)

shame you feel you cannot wear what you want at home. How do you feel with the attention the short skirts being you?

do you share your experience with girls only? I am Male I am interesting to read you stories, can I add you as my friend, pls tell me more stories, I am male , I like to wear miniskirts. add me as your friend. <br />
I like girls friendship.