Pleated Mini Skirt.

Some weekends I wear a black pleated mini skirt that is 4" above my knee, I wear it with silk stockings and high heels it is daring and gives me a thrill.
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I'd love to see that!!

I'd love to take a peek as your skirt flares up ;)

I love mini skirts

sounds incredibly sexy.

Me too, my gf and I were goin to an alternative bar last w/end. I was to wear my faux leather mini, however she thought it sexy and hilarious to wear her fatten mini-kilt with stockings! Gosh it was soo short I couldn't sit in it. When we hit the dance floor the merest twirl revealed my knickers, suspenders, blush blush. The lads in the bar seemed to enjoy it, my wicked gf also. Between you n I, it did turn me on also, he he.

would love to see you in that skirt...and in your lingerie!

ohh....guys around u are as lucky as they are millionaire...

It is tough to beat real stockings, high heels and a short skirt on most any woman. Bet you give a thrill to those who see you as well!

it would give me a thrill to see you dressed like that too Sally,

It is a very sexy look for a woman...I imagine you spread visual joy to all that see you

That outfit is a gift to the world, young lady.

Superb... we need MORE girls like you!

that would really take my breath away. Every girl I've been out with has worn jeans/boring trousers! Shame as I like legs, hosiery and am very tactile.....

I never wear jeans or trousers, stopped that when I was 17.

I thought girls like you didn't exist! My last GF used to dress very very well for work but change into "sweats" the moment she got home! Not fair!

I would hope you would use suspenders for the stockings.

Incredibly sexy. I would wear much the same if we had a more accepting society.

wow most girls don't dress up like that anymore would love to see it

I do, and I like being a skirt girl and femme.

would love to see that probably couldn't keep my hands off you

Yeeaahh Sally!! meee too to be femme and wear really short skirt. I love going out in public in strong wind or riding a bike for lucky motorists to see my lovely panties and sexy legs. I do not hold down my flaping pleated skirt, just let it go. Motorists love girls on bike like meeeee!!

Wish I could watch you in that skirt, sounds so sexy!

I would imagine that some guys may even get to see your stocking tops at times.

I would hope so as I like to excite some men now and again.

That image has me thinking some interesting thoughts.

Bet you love the wind blowing up your pleated skirt for us to see your lovely panties and stockings. Thriiilllliiinng. excuse me I must go now to relieve myself. Love kisses

I love pleated too... Moves so effortlessly when you walk. Plus I bet looks damn nice on you!!

And lots of pleasure to the men that see you walk by

Am certain you look every bit the sexy minx you undoubtedly are when wearing any mini. Stockings and heels are true icing. Ever try even shorter skirts? Bet they look great on you as well, and would give even more of a thrill. ;)

Sally, you sound so thrilling that I would simply love to see pictures. X

It probably gives many people a thrill! I`m thrilled just thinking about it! Black pleated sounds a little `St.Trinians`, especially with the stockings; very naughty! you will have to be spanked ;-) I like short tartan kilts too; they look very nice when worn by ladies with all the accessories; I`m not talking Sporans by the way!

sounds good - today a girl flash her knickers at me. She was wearing a short skirt !

Nothn brngs a smile quicker thn seeing a hot lady in heels and nice pleated skirt. Frm there i would start dreamim as to wht hot bras or panties she had on. Love to see that.

I bet you look AMAZING!

good girl! i know what you mean!<br />
<br />
caroline x

good girl, I love mini skirt. so horny!!

Do you wear panties? you should try without and braless. Guys love it when you bend over or let your skirt ride up at clubs so they can see your beautiful juicy *****.

I always wear knickers but often do not wear a bra.

Leave the bras off ALL the time for a more relaxed life!

I am sure that I would be thriled to see you wearing it!

Sally, that's a great outfit! We men adore women who want to be sexy that way. I like the way a short pleated skirt moves. Showing a glimpse of your stocking tops and thighs when you sit or get in and out of a car is SO sexy! Men all around you are mentally bending you over, lifting your skirt, and taking you from behind. Trust me.

Add a low cut, slightly sheer top - maybe with a quarter cup bra, and you have the PERFECT outfit! :)