My Long Weekend

One weekend I had Monday off so it was a long weekend. At this point I was dressing as a girl for whenever I was home. I got home from school that Friday and my clothes were laid out on my bed. My mom also left a note that said be ready for dinner at 5. So I got ready and got picked up for dinner. It was the winter so it was chilly outside so I wore a small black miniskirt with a white blouse and black tights. I topped it off with a pink ribbon in my hair and black stiletto heels with pink bows. I looked very sexy. I also had a thong on because my skirt was very tight and I had a nice pink lace bra. I thought I looked pretty good. I got in the car and my mom said I looked stunning and so did my sister. We went out to eat and when we got home I was very tired. I went upstars and put a halter babydoll that was pink on with a garter belt and heels and I pranced around the house for a little bit. My sister loved my dress so we went up into her room and traded dresses for a little while and played in her room for a while. I then went to bed and my mom tucked me in and slept with me. (she was single) the next morning I woke up and was ready for a good day. We went swimming and had so much fun.
Tharealcsim Tharealcsim
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1 Response Jun 25, 2012

That is great you sleep with your mom. I remember my mother sitting on the couch after she had just taken a shower. As I watched her robe came open so I could see her beautiful ****.