******* Rendezvous

I love to wear mini skirts when I'm out in public. As I walk I like to slightly rotate my hips to make my skirt swish around. Hoping it will swish high enough to reveal my panties. I guess I am an exhibitionist because, I enjoy having other people ogle me.

 Another thing I like to do is, when I know someone is looking my way, to drop something and face away, then slowly lean over to pick it up, forcing my mini to hike up, revealing my panties. Sometimes I don't wear any, if I'm in a really horny mood. It is a huge turn on for me to do this.

Most women look at least attractive in a mini skirt. You have to be at the extreme end of the scale- either very bony or very overweight not to get appreciative glances when you wear a mini skirt. And even then, chances are that there’ll be a man or two who’ll devour you with (at least!) his eyes.

One of the most devilish delights is coming down an escalator in a mini skirt, wearing a flesh-colored thong underneath. The guys who get an up skirt view develop Bart Simpson eyes immediately; they think you’re going without panties.


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Sexy lady. I love to look if you love to show. Commando in a mini is hot!

mmmmm I would love to see you in a nice short skirt :)

As hot as you look I'm sure there are lots of hardons where ever you go ;)

Sounds so sexy

I want to devour you ...

Thanks for putting on a show, it will bring many smiles I am sure.

I think you know the philosophy of miniskirts well especially the effect they have on men. No matter what she looks like every woman can get thoroughly ****** just by wearing a short little skirt. And a woman like you who realizes the power they posess is a wetdream come true to the men under their spell.

such a wonderfully sexy attitude, my lady :)

mmmm very hot. I would love to see you....

you're such a tease! I love it!

I need to find you when you are in a mini skirt ;)

Yummmmm Sooo true. Just the tease, the possible glimpse. So hot !

mmmm so naughty...I love it.

is there anything about the art of seduction that you have not learned

you constantly surprise and amaze me, sure do wish we could play together

swish it ... love to have you tease me till I can't stand it any more, the I would approach you !!

sounds delicious to me

Big turn on for me to see

Mini skirts are so sexy

What a sexy lady ! Wow !

Love women that like to show a bit!

Women that know how to tease the right way are gods gift to men.

You are a very fun girl. Wish more women would realize theycan be sexy wearing a mini and not be slutty, unless they want to be. Keep having fun and bringing a smile to those who are fortunate to see you!

Exhibitionism is perfect for both participant and voyeur. Both get enjoyment from it.

What a dash of fun you are!

You are a gem would just love a long session with you girl at 68 i've lots of experience but we would need a little time to recover after the blow job so I could really get into you. You are sexy as hell xxx

You know after seeing your pic and reading your stories, you have a unique personallity. The story of mini-skirts and flesh color panties. It made me smile and have a ***** at the same time.

I think you're an exhibitionist and a tease :). Keep having fun!

you a naughty woman clementine , no panties on the escalator hunn?? yummmie

love it. i think i'd end up following you around with a big woody

Sounds like you're a terrific tease

Thank you. ;)

Thank you for sharing. Wish there were more women like you.

so naughty ! ! !

Let me know next time you're out and about. We'll see how big my "eyes" get :) Will you add me?

Short skirt..sexy panties..Stockings..Oh my... I'm looking

I would love to see your panties

Mmmm you are hot please add me as a friend.

You sound like a lot of fun .... Wish more women were like you with your free , easy going fun , sexy attitude and teaser views... Do you go beyond that ...I'm wondering? Once you have the guy , or better yet.... Gal's !! Attention do you maybe ...say brush up against their arm with your boob? Or maybe reach for something in front of her and gently brush her boob and already erect nipple . Are you into women like us men? Sd

You know...I can appreciate girls like you. A woman is a beautiful piece of art, a sweet smelling aromatic cup of coffee, or a juicy piece of choice steak. How can a man who appreciates art cover up such beauty while trying to cover the aroma of an expensive cup of joe. With each step and swirl, a man's mouth waters as he imagines each delectable bite of that juicy stake before him. Sadly, there are too many girls that put on this show... and detest men for their natural appreciation. So for all the art loving, coffee drinking, and meat eating men of the world...THANK YOU!

Mini skirt without panties gives you the special kick

Women who wear mini skirts always make my day.

I can see you wearing a short skirt teasing, you would be so hot!!

My kind of fun girl !!

bet you look great in sheer to waist pantyhose!

wow - soo hot.. wish they didn't lose the mold after they made you.... good times..

U are a bit of a **** teaser.... feel free to tease my **** often...

That's an awesome idea. Have you ever noticed if you distracted someone enough to where they walked into someone or something? I can totally see a pile up occurring on an escalator as a result of this.

my husband loves this scenario..he adores a fun loving confident flirty girl x

I love seeing a woman in a mini skirt. I agree that most women look attractive in one. I think it's a sign of confidence and assertiveness, and that really turns me on!

That's beautiful. You derive great pleasure from turning men on by displaying your assets and the men get to enjoy your display. It's a win-win situation all around. Just wish more women were like you.

I love to see a girl squat down looking for an item in the store so I can get a good shot of her panties or her sitting down at a table and when she gets up I try and look up her skirt,what a turn on .I have a panty fetish anyway .itis like iceing on the cake.And would love to eat them after she pulls them off. yum .

he other great thing about miniskirts is I get such a great view of a woman's legs! I absolutely love to see a woman with great legs walking, just the tight high heels makes her legs look even better and if the bonus of seeing the bottom of her buns is a added bonus, is rare that I see a woman brave/bold enough to bend over for a view of her *** but when it happens I'm in heaven, long beautiful legs and a great ***, nothing better! Now if were you I would have to pullout my **** and **** you right therein front of everyone!

Do you ever wear thigh highs or stocking under your mini skirt?

That's hot. And I agree with you, a woman in a mini skirt looks smoulderingly sexy.

Thank you LOVE a woman that teases!!

Yes, I assume that flesh colored panties are a thrill since it fools men into thinking they're looking at a the honeypot. But, I tell you what I really enjoy...when the color of the panties clash with the the color of the skirt...it makes it easier to see. Plus, white panties seem to make it like you're sooo innocent and when a guy gets to looking at an innocent woman's panty...it's like we won a Crackerjack prize!

i love your attitude, that is why I love miniskirts as well

I love a woman in a miniskirt. I have a bit of an ******* fetish myself.

Oh you're such a slutty teaser !!! I love you !! :)
Wish you were around my neck of the woods .. Why aren't you in every circle I enter ??? Darn I am soo hard reading your stories.

You are hot sexy yummy amnd very naughty ! luv a lil tease from a sexy babe like you !

Id love to walk behind you one day

love girls like you that wear mini and show off their sexy panties

You are so right! We men are so easily distracted by a short skirt or a glance at a skirt blown up by a gust of wind! I know I love it!

That is so sexy and I enjoy that when i see it.I have caught some peeks up skirts like escalators or getting out of a car.Love seeing that.Thank you for sharing.

Woman like you are amazing and know how to tease

When I noticed cute guys (or girls) looking up my skirt I can't help but get excited and really turned on. Do your panties get a bit wet too?

I love they way u think! Add me to share more..

would love to run into u on an escalator xx