Mini Skirts For Bowling....

Me and my friends like to go bowling fairly regularly. None of us are any good but we have a good laff. We always tend to brighten things up for any lads on the lanes next to us as we all tend to wear short skirts. Gives a good view for anyone sat down behind you when your bowling in a flippy short skirt!

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8 Responses Aug 2, 2008

What a wonderful tease you are. I bet it gives you thrill.

Bowling pics, please.

Pics please darling

Great idea!! And if you have a cute bun like mine a thong will show if off very nicely!<br />
<br />
I love knowing my bun is being admired and lusted after! <br />
<br />
does that make me an exhibitionist? Of course it does!!<br />
<br />
Oh this is making me fantasise about going bowling in a miniskirt and NO panties!!<br />
<br />
(along with a big boyfriend to keep me safe and take good care of me afterward. Nothing makes me more needful than showing off my charms in public!)

I might actually enjoy bowling at your lanes.

So much for the 300 game!! lol......

I knew there was a reason I liked bowling....

Bowling sounds like a lovely sport. As constructed for miniskirts.