I Love Mini Skirts

i love wearing mini skirts whit sexy panties on and a sheer blouce on. i feel sexy and i hope men can't keep there eyes off my legs and in hope to see my panties and if i realy feel sexy i will sit so i can show my panties.
allisoncder allisoncder
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must agree with you, the pantie covered cheeks are to hot!

oh,, my,, do let me know when,,

love the short skirts and how they show off pantie covered bottoms,,, like to see yours that way sometime

So sexy! I like the idea of doing that.

Like you I love wearing mini skirts! When I buy a new skirt or dress I have them shorten so I can show off my legs and gurlie panties. Sometimes I lift up my skirt to show the boys my panties.

Are you a little boy who likes to peek under Gurls dresses?

I love panties also! I am always buying new pairs of panties!

I wanna be some ones *****

So sexy so sweet. I love mini skirts

a peek is always nice

Meeyow. Hot.

Hi how are u

I can't add u u add me

A great bit of fun teasing men.

That is so sexy you should wear some thong and string underwear as well .

You can't go wrong with a cute little mini skirt. I love them too, especially pleated wool mini skirts.

As a guy, there is nothing sexier to catch a glimpse of tight panties under a skirt or the muted view of breasts with a hint if nipple beneath a sheer blouse. Even catching sight of the band of a thong above tight jeans provides a welcome relief to the eyes.

I wonder how many women sitting in caf├ęs, restaurants and food courts realise that many men are watching, appreciating, hoping to catch the flash of panties. We are not all dirty old deviants in raincoats, we are red blooded men with a healthy respect for beauty. I also presume that other women will also look, appreciate and compare inwardly.

Girls, you all have beauty within you, without being blatant, tastefully display your assets, wear skirts that allow the hint of panties to be seen, nice and sheer panties, set you breasts off with well cut clothes that subtlety allow your breasts to be shown off and if a bra is not needed then don't wear one. I guarantee that you will feel better, will feel sexier knowing that you are allowing others, both men and women, to catch glimpses and I think you will feel a sexual warmth within you.

I'll bet you look really hot.

Just give me a pair of stockings honey. I'd be happy wearing just those..

Oh yes I love mini skirts also. I am an avid cyclist so my legs are my best asset. I would be afraid to let anyone see my panties because they might see the bulge tucked between my legs.

that is part of the fun

But so scary for me.

I wonder if you have pics and ifI can see them thanks in advance

It always works and men like watching girls legs and the chance of seeing knickers or stocking tops.

yes that is true
i go down to the lake and sit at a table and read while wearing a short skirt

do it perfect my dear ,show all and agitate all men and ladies too ,do it ,,,,, be happy ..ill be..

this reminds me of a time when I stopped in on a friend, and found him stacking fire wood...he is a good friend so I lent a hand...it just so happened I was wearing white cotton panties under my jeans that day and without thinking had been bending over for wood exposing them all the while...of the five people helping not one said a word but I'm pretty sure they saw...I thought it embarrassing at the time but now it doesn't bother me in the slightest!

i go to walmart and pull down my pants a little and squat down and my panties show i like doing it

nice...I've come to grips with things more so now...not so worried anymore...
I'm going shopping this afternoon, I'm going to wear my pink thong and try what you do! Thanx allisoncder!

very nice you devil

The shorter the better and I love the looks I get.

Never worn one- but have gone for some very tight shorts. You would know if you rubbed up against me.

Great story! I too love to wear mini skirts. Tonite, I am wearing a cute red sweater skirt, with a white blouse and black tights with booties. Love the look!

Well - hello there ... as a cd myself ... I would love to see you strolling the mall in your short mini and teasing us mere mortals as you display your gams and more... :)
Would love to peek up your skirt and see your panty crotch or ... maybe some flesh. I like to wear my PH sheer to the waist so my tucked **** and balls make me look more girlie.

Would also like to feel you up , and find out whats between your legs - then I can either finger you or stroke you to a nice pulsing ****** ...

Lovely when knickers are flashed.

yes when i went to clubs i did flashing