Show Off

Kandy s mother present her with a white mini skirt for her birthday.She love to wear it to show her hot **** and beautifull ***.The first time was when two vacuum salesmen came calling.The trainee was doing the demonstration and Kandy was sitting across from the other salesman and me on the living room chair with her legs partly open and every time she lean over to ask question or look at the vacuum she spreat her legs open so we could see her glistening ****.The salesman turn towarsds me in disbelieve,I smiled and wink at him,he smiled back and started to enjoy the show Kandy was putting for us.We loved the show and we had big hard on to prove it.After the demo was finish we decline the purchase.The trainee was out the door and before leaving the other guy was moving his **** so the big lump in his pants would not show so much.Kandy offer to take care of it,she would gladly **** the 3 of us because she was so horny and would love to have us plug all her holes with our stiff **** would enjoy having us fill her ******* and **** with our *** and one off us would have the best blow job ever.But like the vacuum purchase was turn down.
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10 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Love the story hate the ending!

Lovely story. I'm sure you would have liked a better ending.

Need to know more about Kandy's Mother

I would have had my pants off in a heartbeat, Thanks for sharing.

I'll demonstrate the suction of my vacuum and then kandy can show me what kind of suction she has.

Wow duhlol

That is something we have never tried.

Great story Plaul, I would never turn down an invite like that.

Hey it was still fun... Maybe more next time. The world needs more Kandys :-)

Love it! Hope the next time she shows off, the men take advantage!