Mini Skirts

ive been told that i have long beautiful legs. i am 5'7'' in height and my body is a bit shorter than my legs, i measured up against a few of the lads and my legs were longer them there's.
i love wearing a pair of high heels, and a mini skirt. a skirt just below my *** cheeks. around 2 inches past my *** so then if i bend over i wont flash my ***.
i get a few looks off lads, you know the OMG **** look and some girls are like WOW THEY ARE LONG LEGS :P.
sexylexi1 sexylexi1
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 5, 2013


Long legs and miniskirts are a great combo. What also looks great is when she is barefooted. Somehow bare feet add so much to the appearence of long legs. Have you ever tried that?

Great, I am sure you have sexy long legs ;)
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