Have you ever pondered about the correlation between the stock market and hemlines? In the roaring 20’s decadence was endemic and women were asserting themselves by tenaciously wearing their skirts at their knees which was very risqué. The 60’s and early 80’s saw a resurgence of the mini skirt, when the feminist movement and the stock market were likened to a Bull market. And who could forget the austerity of the 30’s and 40’s during the Depression and war, when we witnessed skirts grazing the ground?

I adore mini skirts, (not fond of the micro-minis where you can see the derriere or the rah-rah 80's skirts), but if you have been genetically blessed with slender shapely legs dress them with a classy mini. After all you are also paying homage to the avant-garde fashion designers of the 60’s. Ohh I believe it may also cause pulse rates to rise of onlookers.  A wardrobe essential. -pity the last I wore one was when I played netball aged 10.

umathena umathena
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That's an interesting theory. And it appears you're right too.

do tell us why it's been 10 yrs since a miniskirt graced your body ... personally i love them, especially since i'm rather short. they seem to fit me better.