Flimsy Panties...

I just love feeling like I'm practically naked in a short flippy skirt, with only the flimsiest insignificant tiny panties on. The combination of the warm summer sun and a cool gentle breeze blowing up my skirt and teasing my little panties just makes me feel so sexy. But to "forget" my panties in such a dangerously short skirt might turn me on way too much...lol

flirtygirl flirtygirl
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It's been a while ago since you posted this.....do you still "forget" your panties in your miniskirt? love to see your pictures!!!

Love your way of thinking!

I know what you mean… ;-). Going out in short little flirty skirt Is a turn on in itself, but when I slip my little panties off, I get so turned on I'm positively dripping wet.

Love seeing ladies in mini skirts with very little panties on or non at all....i wear a thong under my mini skirts

I love the voyeristic element of "Is she, isn't she?". If you get off on it, it's as exciting as hell for guys

I hope you forget them a lot. ;-]

I can almost see you in your panties and mini skirt and it turned me on!

I know just what you mean. I love wearing short skirts and tiny little panties. I have to admit sometimes I like to bend over to give people a good view.

It is not daring or living on the edge. It is a feeling that becomes quite addictive after the third time. It is an inspiring feeling to fall naked through the sky and realise that a lot of people on the ground will see you in the nude when you land. My nipples become hard just thinking of it and the freezing temperatures give you goosebumps for more reasons than one. I have so far done 19 jumps in the nude; 11 from 9000 feet and 8 from 13100 feet. Yiaaaah!!!!

What a sexy thought! Its a good thing there are ladies like you daring enough to liveon the "edge" and be a little naughty out in public. Exciting for everyone.

Lycralady, You have just come up with the most adventurous thing a girl can do - bungee jumping out of a high chair. Only one adventure to beat that - parachuting (free fall) in the nude from 13100 feet. Freezing, but super fantastic!!!

:) bungee jumping our of a high chair is about the limit of my adventerousness! Great analogy lycralady!

I'm not saying it's me, but some people simply don't like to wear panties.....with or without mini skirts. And the thought of possibly getting caught is exciting.

I think panties under a mini skirt are to safe. It's like bungee jumping out of a high chair.

Oh my! Wonderful women abound! I see you 2 agree on one of my favorite issues!!

OK Busted...giggle...:-). There inst anything "accidental" about forgetting my panties...Lol. Just the excitement in knowing that the only thing separating you from being naked is a short sexy little skirt... its so vulnerable and exciting at the same time to know that someone might see!

"forget" the panties? I don't think so---- it is so not accidental and so very on purpose. Short skirts/dresses call for no panties with the probability of getting caught!!

My wife almost always forgets her panties when she dons her miniskirt. The other night, I actually assumed she had panties on and was floored when following her up the stairs at a club I got an eyeful of fun!