Panties In Restaurant

Juny and I were eating in a restaurant in Soho. She was wearing a red tartan min skirt, black stockings and full white nylon knickers, as she loves teasing me and showing off. TheChinese waiter showed us to a table in a quiet alcove. As she sat down, the waiter had an eyeful up her skirt. She made no attempt to pull her little skirt down as he stared at her white shiny knickers. He put a menu in front of us and left. She got up and followed him to the kitchen with a special request. He turned round and dropped a note pad on the floor. As he bent down to pick it up, she stood over his head to give  him a close view up her skirt. "I wanted to check if you have any white fish tonight, like my panties!Do you like nylon knickers? I saw you looking up my skirt, and I was flattered."

"Yes, we do. And I loved your panties. If you follow me, I will show you our white fish if I can feel your lovely knickers. And there will be no charge for your boyfriend."

"You are a naughty boy, look at the bulge in your pants," she replied, touching his trousers. "I will give you a hand job while you explore my knickers. I love to let men have a a nice feel. Where can we go?"

He led her out of my sight and came back a few minutes later. "Now tell me all about your little adventure," I instructed.

She sat down, and I noticed she was wearing pale blue frilly knickers.

"Lucky I had some spare panties in my bag. I had to take off my white ones and give him a **** with them. He loved it. I had to keep telling him about all my knickers and how I liked to flash them to other men on the dance floor. I know you love that too. You are a big boy. Pull the curtain across so no one can see us, and I will let you  feel these panties and touch my thighs and suspenders. He might come back at any moment, so unzip yourself. I can't wait."

"Get over my knee, you brazen hussy. These lovely blue knickers will soon feel my hand upon them." I ruffled up her skirt and exposed her blue knickers and stockings. The waiter was peeking round the curtains, as I slapped her on the outstretched nylon knickers. He winked at me as he stared at the spanking scene. When I had finished, and she was sitting gingerly on the chair, skirt down, the waiter pulled the curtains back.

"Two lobster thermidors for our special guests," he announced. "And a pair of matching red knickers to be worn when the lady orders the sweet."



nickylondon nickylondon
Sep 2, 2009