Like Mini Skirts

I enjoy wearing mini skirts to work and functions.  My legs look nice and i like to show them off and be stylish. 

asianbeachgirl asianbeachgirl
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I love your legs and I haven't even seen them yet. :D

Love to see great legs in short skirts

love a woman with yuor kind of confidence! add me

My kind of woman. I like a woman that likes to show off your assets. Turns me on

they look grreat in your avatar....Add me ?

Nice I like it when a woman asian especially with those nice white legs wear short short skitrs

i have all the women i take out wear short dresses or skirts.... love to see those legs

Show me

I think mini skirts are the best invention ever!

would love to see you in a mini or for that matter anything or nothing at all

Sounds great, I also enjoy wearing minis, but usually just around the house like now i am wearing one as i sit at the computer or when i go out to a club at night.

my work place these days are the beach and some stints modeling and dancing so its not like a lot of office people see me. heeeee

I love that you make your work place so beautiful.

Do you create opportunities to let men see up your skirt or do you just allow opportunities to happen naturally? Those women who drive us men crazy by intentionally allowing us to see up their skirts are cruel but we love them.

my hubby likes me to wear really short minis with no panties whenever we go out. i shave bare, too and enjoy "accidentally" giving men a little peek at my bare *****.

my hubby likes me to wear really short minis with no panties whenever we go out. i shave bare, too and enjoy "accidentally" giving men a little peek at my bare *****.

Tell us, do you like wearint mini's without panties? And if you do, do you let guys see little flashes now and then, and how is it for you?

There is nothing like a sexy chick in a mini skirt it makes you think of all the possibilities.

kim bet you look sexy in a mini.

Nothing like showing of your legs, and other things, than in a nice mini skirt.

If you look good you should show it off. Glad you feel good about yourself and have pride in your body. Nothing wrong with that. If someone takes a look and likes your legs then you have brought alittle spice to their lives too.

thats if the women is wearing any panties...................

KC, of course we let our skirts ride up sometimes. If a guy gets to look up my skirt, it's because I want him to. If the wind blows my skirt up, it's because I'm deliberately wearing one that makes that happen. I enjoy being looked at in this way as much as you enjoy the looking. C'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?

You know what they say..'If you've got it..flaunt it'

i have had to look for books in a library or crouch down to find something and knowing i had a mini on would let it rise up to show more leg. i people were watching and it was exciting.

asianbeachgirl - Do you ever get the desire to let your miniskirt ride up higher when you KNOW someone is checking you out? With, or without panties underneath?

I'm with you there, beachgirl. I wear them most of the time. As for panties, sometimnes, sometimes not, depends on the mood.

I dig the mini because of the tease. I like the fantasy. My neighbor used to wear a mini and she looked smokin' hot, or the hot pink bikini. Seeing her in bed was awesome don't get me wrong, but the sex appeal beforehand was just amazing.

sometimes, depends on the place or event and how i feel.